Monday, December 22, 2008

Races of Interest for 2009

Here are some Races that I am interested in for 2009!
February 21st
Galloway Fun Run 5K
April 4th
Lone Star Triathlon Festival
April 25th
PressMan Rookie Triathlon
May 18th
Silverlake Spring Triathlon

Those give me a place to start and an idea of what to train for! I am sure there will be more 5k events along the way, there just aren't that many listed online for the new year yet!
Also I am going to start all over with a couch to 5K plan. I believe that will help me get used to my orthotics and work from the ground up on my running which is the part of the Triathlon I need the most help with!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Surgery for the Holidays!

On Thursday, December 18th my hubby went in to surgery to repair his ankle. Here is a real quick run down of what they did (if you don't like details skip this part)... They went in with a scope and cleaned out bone spurs, removed LOTS of cartilage, repaired damage from an old fracture, drilled several holes in the bone to promote new repaired tissue growth, reattached some floating bone and the ligaments that went with it, removed some arthritic spots and drained a cyst and put in a cortisone shot for good measure. Lets just say they had their work cut out for them. 
Overall all went well. It took longer than they thought and their was more damage than expected. He was very dizzy and nauseated after the surgery. He has to stay pretty much laid up with his foot elevated for 14 days. He got this great machine that pumps cold water around the area instead of using ice packs. I love it, except for refilling the ice all the time. He is in a soft cast for now. He has his follow up on Tuesday so hopefully that will go well and he will be able to move on to rehab. For his surgery part of what they did you don't want to move the foot and part of the procedure you want to move it right away, so there will be a balance between the two that I hope will go well. And as most of you know my workaholic hubby is set to return to work on the 29th. 
On a personal note my orthotics are great. I have been ramping up the length I wear them and so far I have had no issues. Now I just need to start aerobic exercise in them.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

I needed this...

Many things have been swimming around my head lately. I need to get back in a routine, but I took my doctor's no activity words to heart and have been sitting on my butt. Actually I have been so busy at work and home that I just haven't squeezed in the time lately for any type of workout. Lets just say that it shows. I have been pretty bummed lately with the state of affairs in my fitness life and goals, but obviously not enough to get my rump motivated. So as my birthday was yesterday I took a moment to reflect and plan. I came up with some goals for the next year. Not like a New Years Resolution or anything just things I wanted to do. It made me feel a little better about my state of being. Then today I got this great email from Spark People. It was just what I needed to hear, so I am sharing it with all of you.
By Zach Van Hart, Staff Writer Spark People
9 Hidden Reasons to Stay Motivated
 1. Confidence- How did it feel after that first jog around the block? Or when you finally walked the stairs at work without losing your breath? The more you accomplish, the more you'll believe in yourself.
2. Fit into that dress - It's been hanging up in your closet for two years now, just waiting to be thrown on for a night on the town. All it takes is for you to go that extra mile and stay on track. Before you know it, those two years will be ancient history.
3. Make the week easier- Ever felt like a week was taking forever? It feels like Friday, but it's only Tuesday? This happens when you're not working towards anything. When you have a goal in mind you'll want to cook that healthy dinner or go to the gym. The week will not only go faster, but be more enjoyable.
4. Gives you purpose - Every once in a while, we need a good reason to get out of bed. Here it is, right in front of you. Eat the healthy breakfast that's going to jump start your day, go for your morning jog, or walk to the driveway and grab the newspaper. When you're motivated, you have a reason to do what you do.
5. For your kids- And your grandkids. And their kids, too. The healthier you are, the longer you'll be around to watch your kids grow and to spoil your grandchildren. They'll want you to be around as long as possible; consider this just another present.
6. Power of momentum- It's a scientific fact- something in motion tends to stay in motion. Momentum builds quickly and can lead to great results. Suddenly, you're not only working for the goal, but also to keep your streak alive. Even more reason to reach your goals.
7. The 'wow' effect - Picture this: Waling into a bar, you run into someone from high school, and their eyes light up. They gasp,"Wow, you look great!" By sticking with your goals, this can happen. Watch the "wows" add up.
8. Spread the spark- When friends and family see how hard you're working, they'll wonder how they can reach their own goals. Guess who they're going to look to for help? By staying motivated, you'll not only help yourself, but others too.
9. Keep gaining experience - The more you do, the more you will learn and understand. You'll discover which tactics work best for you and which ones don't. It's like weeding out the garden - not the most enjoyable job in the world, but when you're done, all that's left are beautiful flowers. Keep sticking with it and soon it will be all flowers for you. 
Now if I can just remember all that when I am being tempted with food or feeling lazy. 

Friday, December 12, 2008


Had sort of a pre birthday day today. I was off work today. So I spent the day trying to get caught up on my Christmas shopping. Wore my orthotics all day today. Curious to see how my legs and feet will feel tomorrow. Since it was my pre birthday I scheduled myself a massage. My normal person called in sick so I was given a sub. I didn't know what to expect, but was hoping for at least a decent massage. I must say the massage was AWESOME.... the only thing was that the person giving it was a middle aged man. I know that probably isn't a huge deal, but I must admit, it kinda weirded me out a little. After that I picked up the little guy and we met the Rhodes crew and Nicole for dinner at Don Julio's. My mom drove in and got to town right before dinner. It was a nice meal. After dinner we went to the Dickinson Lights Festival for a quick, very quick run through. We got there at 9:10 and they closed at 9:30. It was a speed walking trip through the lights. We will have to go back to really enjoy it. Afterwards we drove through one of our favorite neighborhoods for lights. The little guy didn't make it to see the first house he fell asleep. 

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Hopefully absence really does make the heart grow fonder cause I have been away from posting for a little while. Things have been busy all around. 

Work has been busy, holiday events make it busy, and keeping up with my little guy always keeps me busy. 

Things are going well. I am hanging in there. 

I received my orthotics yesterday. So far they are great, but I am only wearing them for short periods of time. I can't wait to get back into an exercise groove. Hubby has his ankle surgery in about a week. Right in time for the holidays.  

On the diet front... things are not going badly but not as great as I had hoped. I am maintaining. Lately I have been missing lunch and that is really throwing off my day. 

I am hoping to have more of an update soon. So stay tuned.....

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Why wait!

I know that with everything going on lately I could sit back and tell myself..."Self, just wait till the New Year and start anew!" I don't want to do that. I have 26 days until my next birthday and about 30 days or so till the holiday shindigs get in full swing. I need to get off my duff and not give up. Just because I am supposed to stay off my feet doesn't mean I can't do anything. I just need to figure out what I can do. Numero Uno is for me to do an awesome job on the diet front and really get that under control. That will be my primary goal till the end of the year. Then I can figure out along the way what I can do on the exercise front. I believe this gives me an excuse to spend more time in the pool. The only drawback is when it is cold outside, who wants to go to the pool for a swim. So if you all have some awesome ideas for exercise that don't involve running, etc. please let me know. 

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

No Exercise...A Post About Feet

Yep you read that right. Stay off my feet as much as possible. I finally went to the podiatrist to see if he could help me with my jacked up feet, knees, hips etc. Well he took one look, a couple of x-rays, a little bit of poking and he decided I need orthotics. Rigid orthotics! To keep my feet from continuing to deteriorate. He wanted to do my molds of my feet while I was there but alas the insurance requires pre-qualification for such things. So I go back next Tuesday. In the mean time he taped my feet in this really uncomfortable way. My instructions were no exercise and try to stay off your feet as much as possible. Ice in the evenings until at least next week. After the orthotics come in and I wear them for a couple of weeks I will, as he says, be able to slowly start a WALKING routine. (Guess this means no birthday challenge!) He did say that this should help with my shin splint, knee and ankle pain issues though. So I am at least looking forward to that. 
My hubby went in to the podiatrist the same day as me to have his foot/ankle checked out. They took the soft cast off and told him he can walk without crutches if he wants to. He has his MRI tomorrow and then they will see about scheduling surgery for his fracture and floating bone. 
Don't you wish you went to your podiatrist too!
On another note... Thanks for all the well wishes. My dad is home and doing wonderful!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Wow...Been A Few

Sorry I haven't posted too much lately. Things have been crazy. Work has gotten a lot more hectic with more projects. My schedule has been all upside down and this week has really taken it out of me. 
My hubby has been on crutches all week with what he thought was just a foot flare up. Went to the podiatrist today and found out he has a fractured ankle with a floating bone fragment. Prolly have to have surgery, but lets hope not. Then my father has had a rough week which started with an elective stress test and ended up with a quadruple bypass today. All went super duper great!!! and my sister and I are headed up for a quick visit this weekend. So as you can see it has been a wild one and to put icing on the cake I woke up this morning with a terrible migraine. When it rains it pours. On a lighter note though all is well and I really can't complain.

Finished up Halloween treats tonight for my little guys party tomorrow. Yay!!!

I got a great idea from JavaMom in my comments about my birthday and things I wanted to get done before then. She suggested the B-Fit Birthday Challenge. I am seriously considering it. I do think it would be good to have a goal to get my butt back in the gym/exercise routine. I have been such a slacker lately and it really shows in Viv's Weight Loss Challenge. I am working on my eating and most days it is going pretty well. I know my activity has been way down though. 

On a really great note my buddy Josh finished his first triathlon recently and also won the first timers essay competition. As soon as they post it to the web I will put it out to you. He really has an inspiring story. 

Hope all of you have a very Happy Halloween and a wonderful weekend!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

54 Days and Counting

I have 54 days till my next birthday. The only reason I know this is that I have a countdown function on my computer with lots of events counting down on it. There are so many things I want to do before those 54 days are up. Trying to stay positive about getting things accomplished. Need to make a formal list and try to check as many things off as possible in that amount of time. If you have any ideas of great things I should add to my list let me know. 

Monday, October 13, 2008

Tagged too!

So I got tagged by Jodie! Here goes 6 random things about me. 
1. I don't do peanut butter, grape juice or coffee. Peanut butter makes me ill, grape juice makes me remember being ill and coffee I have just never tried. 
2. I was the first person in my high school to be on both the danceline and a member of the band at the same time. One time at band camp.... I am a band geek. I was even the leader of them my senior year (Drum Major).
3. My sister and I have the same birthday! I was 3 weeks late, she was 2 weeks early. We are two years apart.
4. I am addicted to Forensic Files. I could watch it all the time. Actually give me an forensic show and I am hooked.
5. I was a fish when I was a kid. I could swim 60 yards underwater holding my breath. I also won 2nd place in the 100 meter Breaststroke at the State Championship. 
6. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday!

Ok that was really hard.... I guess I need to spend more time filling out those myspace surveys. Alright now people to tag. Most of the people I know have already done this sooooo....

Thursday, October 9, 2008

What's up?

So what's up with me you ask. Well lets see. This week I spent Sunday hanging out with the family. Woke up from a nap with my son with the worst knee pain ever. Even had to take some Vicodin to help me get it bearable enough to sleep at 3am. 

Made it to work Monday for most of the day but had to leave early to get the good Doctor to work on my knee. Still hurt when I left but much better. Had to cancel my appt. with Nina my trainer for Monday night. I offered to go in and do upper body but she reminded me their are stairs and so I bowed out gracefully. 

Tuesday the knee felt soooo much better. Still some pain but no where near like it was before. At this point I realized there would be no race for me this coming weekend. Talked to my bud Josh and broke the news, but told him I would make the best cheering squad ever. I am soooo proud of him. If you get a chance check out his before and after pics here. He is down 130.2lbs since January 2007. Now he is about to do his first Tri! 

Wednesday knee much better except on the stairs. Long day of work making up for hours on Monday and Tuesday. After work my little guy and I spent the evening running errands. 

Thursday the knee is much better. Worked another long one and then hurried home to change for the gym. Met with Nina and we did a nice little circuit of mostly abs and core. Knee was a little tender to the touch so I am curious to see how it holds up tomorrow. After my workout went to the grocery store and saw a very interesting cover story on Woman's World. As most of you know there is a whole crew doing the WOE (way of eating) from this great book Crack the Fat Loss Code. It was featured in the Oct. 13th issue. A sample menu, great info and success stories. Even more proof it really works. All the people I know who have tried it are having great success. On another weight loss note for today I signed up for Viv's Marathon Season Independence Weight Loss Challenge . I am looking forward to it. Check it out if you get a chance. And again Happy Birthday Viv!!! 

Looking forward to Friday and this weekend!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Ode to my pedometer!

Today I have walked 5,355 steps, yesterday I eeked out 8,234 and the day before a whopping 14,735. How do I know this? I have a small, pager-sized gizmo clipped to my belt, close to my hip. It adds one to the count with each time my foot steps one in front of the other. It is my pedometer. 
So very sad. Yesterday my pedometer decided to die. I believe it only needs a new battery but getting me to the store these days is pretty tough. I have been wearing my pedometer religiously for 7 months. It helps me to get my butt moving on the days when my step count is low. I almost feel naked without it. I already miss it. Guess I will need to get off my duff and go get a new battery to try to revive my good friend. It is worn from wear and use like anything you always use. That just shows how much I love the thing. Searching online I found a link that says Thomas Jefferson invented the pedometer. Just a bit of trivia for you all. 
For those interested here is the info on my good friend.
I own the Omron HJ-112... This advanced design lets you wear it on your belt or carry it in your pocket, clip it to your bra, or wear it anywhere it is perpendicular to the ground. It counts steps, calculates distance and calories burned. It also tracks aerobic steps separately when walking or jogging more than 60 steps per minute or more than 10 minutes continuously. It has a 7-day memory. It is absolutely silent- no clicking or rattling. It comes with a security leash to ensure you don't lose it. It is top rated for accuracy by a consumer magazine.
So go out and get one!!! My sales pitch is over. Enjoy your steps today!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Hey There!

Didn't really know what to say so I thought I would just say "Hello!" If you read my blog just take a minute to let me know by saying "Hello!" I hope you all have a wonderful week. Will try to have a real post of substance soon. 

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Wednesday Update

No workout on Tuesday cause I found out I had pink eye. Yep eye started getting goopy Monday night so I started medicating right away and was confirmed by the doc next morning. So I didn't think the swim would be a good idea. 
Moved up my appointment with Nina from Thursday to tonight. Worked out really hard. I did 3 circuits= total body. I did leg press, flies with tubing, leg extension, tubing squat walks, situps and several rounds on the elliptical. Overall it was a really good workout. 
Now I just have to get the Tri workout done. I am behind on that part. So I am switching my rest day to Tuesday and will tri to do my bike jog combo tomorrow and my swim and jog on friday. I think that will make up for what I have missed so far. I just need to make sure it all gets done. 
Getting really nervous. At this point I was thinking I should sit down and take stock and plan for next year's race season. Get some goal races and come up with some training plans. 

Monday, September 22, 2008

3 Weeks and Counting

There are 3 weeks until the Try Andy's Tri. I am going to see what I can do. I spent 2 weeks doing jack with Hurricane Ike making a visit when I should have been riding Ike the Bike. Oh well! Looking ahead tonight I went to the gym and Nina worked my booty off. Which is exactly what I need cause I got a lot of junk in my trunk. I will probably not be able to lift a finger or get up from my chair at work since I spent Sunday cleaning limbs and leaves and fence out of my yard all day and worked out today. The great feeling of sore muscle accomplishment. 
For my 3 week training plan I am going to complete Weeks 10-12 on my original plan even though I know my running (I mean trotting) is not where it should be. I will walk it if I have to. This weeks training:
Monday- Trainer & 20 min jog
Tuesday - 48 laps (1200 yards) swim 
Wednesday- 30 min bike, 20 min jog, 30 min bike, 15 min jog
Thursday- 45 min jog
Friday- Rest
Saturday- 90 min Bike, Swim sets 10 x 100 with 1:00 rest
Sunday- 2 min jog, 2 min walk repeater for 45-60 min

Sometime before the race I need to practice swimming in open water atleast once. Maybe this coming weekend I can convince Josh to make a trip to the lake. 

Now my big goal for the rest of the year is to lose 20-30lbs by my 33rd. Wouldn't it be nice to lose 33lbs from now to my 33rd. I will have to do the math on that one but that would be pretty cool. I believe that is 3lbs per week for the next 11 weeks. That isn't unreasonable. 

On a very personal note I want to thank everyone who checked in on us over the past week and half. All of the thoughts and prayers really meant a great deal. We are blessed. A special thank you to my aunt and uncle who let us stay at their place for a week. To all of the disaster relief workers and volunteers in every capacity.... Thanks a Million!!! 

Saturday, September 13, 2008


We headed out Thursday morning to Louisiana to visit family while Ike decided to visit our house in League City, TX. It has been nice catching up with everyone, but watching the news has been very painfull. We really worried about the house, business and friends. Also how bad the weather would get here. Happy to report:
1. Weather did not get too bad here in Roanoke, LA. Strong wind and a little power outtage for @ 4 hours.
2. The only damage that we know of so far to our house is a tree in the back yard and our fence are both down.
3. The business appears to be in great shape.
4. Friends have so far reported in and are doing well and also have not much damage.
Overall we have been very blessed. Thank you to all who have been thinking and praying for us.
Now we wait to find out when we can return and pick up the pieces.

Note: Some of you suggested that I name my bike Ike. I think I will do that as a reminder of how big that bugger was and how lucky we were. Thanks again!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Did I say crazy?

I know that I am crazy for signing up for the Try Andy's Tri Sprint Triathlon mid October, but I thought why not. Actually I could think of a lot of why nots. So I figured since I was crazy I had better stop being lazy and get off my duff. Tonight after getting back from a work fun function I decided it was time to hop on my bike trainer for a little ride in the 100° garage. While hooking up the bike I did find a fan to at least circulate the hot air around in the garage. So I got it all hooked up, aired up, helmet on, shoes on and off we went... well sort of. I rode for 20 min. I had wanted to do 30 but it was just too dad gum hot in there. I am just thrilled that I got on the bike. I need to really get after it these next 5 weeks though or else. So wish me luck as I continue to get used to my new ride in the garage safely strapped to a trainer where I can clip in, clip out till my heart's content without risk of falling. I guess I should take my new wheels out on the road soon. Maybe this weekend if we don't get hit by Ike. I need to name my bike. Any ideas? 

Friday, September 5, 2008

Enough Already...

I know you are all tired of hearing the weight talk, but too bad. I have more to say. I started off this month with a goal to lose 10lbs for the month. I know a lofty goal but I signed up for Quadrathon's Worth the Weight Challenge and I wanted to do well. I am competitive with myself by nature. I like having goals even if I don't meet them it motivates me. So the challenge ends this Sunday and drum roll..... Right now after starting the WOE I am only 1lb from making the 10lb mark for the month. I am super excited. Now I just have to keep up the momentum till Sunday. I think I can... I think I can....I know I can. 
On another note: Went to meet my trainer last night at 8pm, had the time down wrong. I arrived at 7:40pm (early) for what I thought was an 8pm appointment, ended 7:40pm (late) for a 7pm appointment. Oooops! So I talked to Nina (my trainer) for a few minutes. She actually told me my face looked thinner. Yet another spot those pounds are coming from. After our chat I headed over to the treadmill for a nice 2.5 mile jog/walk. Felt pretty good. Once I got home though, Boy was I sore. Soaked in a salty tub and man do I feel better this morning. 

One final thing I promise. This morning at 6:30am my cell phone goes off with a text message. It is my buddy Josh Reno telling me that they opened some more spots for the Try Andy's Tri. Got mixed feelings cause 1. I know he is counting on me to do it. 2. He has been training and I have been slacking. 3. Did I say I have been slacking. So after a guilt trip of my own I am not going to pass up the opportunity to sign up. Now I have to get my butt in gear. Cause I have a little over a month to get ready. Any body got any crash Sprint Triathlon training plans for a slow poke. 

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Where did it come from?

A mystery and I know how everyone loves a mystery. Ok so over the past couple I have lost about 7-8lbs and am working on more. I am excited about those lbs and happy to say that I am down a total of 10 since Viv's challenge that was back in June. The mystery part comes in with the measurements. My trainer measured me when I started working with her in May and then she measured me again the other night. So when I jumped on the band wagon with my buds and the WOE (Way of Eating: For more info on that check out Jodie's blog.) I did my measurements after the first week. Barely any change from my month previous measurements... I mean numbers almost exactly the same. So I went back to look at what the trainer had me down measuring. The only place I have a significant loss of inches....
You would think my booty right (Nope!) Even though I do have enough junk in my trunk.
So then you might think my chest (Nope!) Usually the first place I lose and the last place I need to lose.
My big loss of inches... MY NECK! How weird is that.
So the mystery is where did those 7-8lbs come from. I can't imagine them coming all off of my neck. I guess places I am not ears, my fingers and toes, my forearms. Wouldn't it be nice if you could will the extra poundage to actually come of the really visible places first. Like my ghetto booty and spare tire. Oh well. I have a new and improved neck!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Gustav & Grandparents

Sorry I haven't posted lately but between Hurricane Gustav and the visiting Grandparents that evacuated from the house has been crazy. Think we will only have company a couple more days. Not much going on to report for the Labor Day Weekend. Lots of family time. We went to the beach yesterday. My little guy had a blast and it was a beautiful day to play in the sand. Can't wait to have my house back to normal and get back to my routine. 

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


When I showed up for my appointment with my personal trainer last night she had a tape measure waiting for me. I was curious to see how much I have lost so far. I am currently down 5.1" and 1.5% body fat. As always I was hoping for more but hey a loss or decrease in size is awesome. Now I just want to continue to melt away. We had a nice workout last night. We raced eachother on the rowing machines twice and I won. I believe it is because I do them more often than she does. She gave me a ton of nutrition info last night for me to read and review. From skimming over it I think it will be very helpful.
After my workout I went shopping for groceries. Bought lots of veggies. Then I went home to cook up a storm and pack lunches. Fun fun. I did get it all done though. So I am off and running for the day.
On another note my buddy and I missed the deadline for signing up for the Try Andy's Tri at the end of October. I am pretty bummed about it but I knew it filled up early and I just kept putting it off to see if my training would get any better. My buddy wants to wait at the store the day before to see if we can buy some packets that don't get picked up. Not sure work wise if I will be able to get away with that one. Unless it falls on one of our Fridays off. There is the Hi Fi Tri a couple of weeks later, but I am not sure that I am ready or could be ready for that one at this point. It is an open water swim, which I have not done before and it is double the bike ride that I am used to doing. Oh and there is a run at the end. So even though the lure of racing with and meeting Viv is a great motivator I just don't know if it is the smart thing to do. On top of all that my hubby will be out of town that weekend so I would have to find someone to watch the little guy. I haven't totally ruled out doing it yet.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Not much!

Not much to report on this end. Last week I went to see my trainer on both Monday and Wednesday. I did go walking/jogging on a couple days last week. Pushup Challenge is starting week 3 this week. Diet was alrignt last week. Spent most of my days in training at work which made keeping on a food schedule pretty difficult. This weekend we went back home to Louisiana to visit family and friends. It was very nice to see and hang out with everyone.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Monday..Starting the Week Off Right

So Monday... a good reason for a fresh start. Went to my trainer this evening. Worked out super hard. She did tell me that she consulted one of her physician friends about me. lol. I am always the "I have this client.... " person. He said that I should stop running. It was bad for my knees. I have a weird setup. When I stand with my feet facing forward my knees point inward. To get my knees to face forward I have to stand with my feet pointed outward. 
Ok here is a test. Stand with your feet pointed straight out to the side(_| |_), like you were going to do a plie. Now do a plie... bend your knees. Do your knees go out? And is there a big gap in between your knees (_<>_). Well when I do this I can bend my knees straight forward touching with no gap. Try that... It isn't easy. Ok enough about my jacked up knees. 
I did a little walking and a little rowing prior to my workout today so I got some cardio in as well as all the strength and stretching. I also did pretty well on my diet today. So no complaints on this fresh start Monday. I am about to go start week 2 of the pushups challenge. Wish me luck!

Thursday, August 14, 2008


So yesterday didn't turn out as planned. I had to miss my appointment with the trainer for my son. So yesterday evening him and I took a jog/walk around the neighborhood. I was pleasantly surpised by how much he ran... and how fast. We didn't go very long cause it was getting dark, but we went for about a mile. Then after he was sound asleep later in the evening I put in a SHAPE dvd and did a little areobic living room exercise. I also continued with my pushup challenge week 1. I had to start over. I like to do my pushups on M,W,F but my trainer likes to have me do tons of plank holds on those days so by the time I get to the pushups my arms are jello so I just put them off and end up not doing them. After the pushups last night I realized I need to do them more often. Even though it wasn't what I had on the schedule I did get something done yesterday in the fitness department.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Need to Tri Hard

This week my goal is to sign up for the Triathlon(s) at the end of October and redo my training schedule. If I am going to compete I need to start increasing my effort. I have been to the gym this week. Yay! I have not however done as much as I would like or is that as much as I should.

Have been doing a better job watching what I have been eating. For the Worth the Weight Challenge this past week I was down 3lbs. That gave me a wopping 1.33% and I am in the 9th spot out of 24. A nice place in the middle of the pack in which to focus on losing for the next week. I really am not in it to win, although that would be nice. I just want to shed some of my extra pounds around the middle before it is time to compete in the Tri.

Been spending most of my evenings lately watching the Olympics like everyone else. Love the swimming! It really makes me miss competition and if I could find a Master's swim club in my area I would be all about it. Love to swim but am not that great at practicing alone. I can swim the laps but there is nothing like a long hard practice when there are people to race and push you along. I really can't believe there is not a club in my area but alas I have not found one. There are running clubs and biking clubs and lots of people in the area compete in Tri's, so you think there would be a swim group. Well for now I will just have to keep watching Phelps win gold and dream of competitive swimming.

Monday, August 11, 2008


Last week was pretty slow. I worked out with my trainer, but not much else. It was a SUPER busy week. I am going to the gym tonight. I started the Worth the Weight Loss Challenge for the month of August. I am down 3lbs. These are three of the pounds that I gained back in July from the last challenge in June. My goal for the month is 10-15lbs. I believe it is an achievable goal if I actually get off my duff and workout and then watch what I eat. I mean not watch the junk food go into my mouth, but make sure that I put down the healthy stuff. This week I am going to sign up for my triathlon(s) in October. My goal for this Fall is to actually shed about 35-40 lbs. That means I need to do some serious work.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Maribelles 5K

Decided after my experience with the Lunar run that I would start off walking. I had stretched pretty well before the race started... or at least I thought I did. I didn't even get to the 1/2 mile point and my shins were on fire. Not as bad as the previous race but still having to tell myself with each step to just keep going. This race was different than the Lunar in a few ways. 1) A crew of friends doing it too 2) Very nice scenery along the water. Overall I would say it was a good race. After the first mile my legs stopped cramping and I was able to jog/walk the rest of the way. I have to give out a HUGE "thank you!" to Sadie who even though she really is a runner and could lap me in a second stayed by my side and walked/jogged me through the whole thing. Also a big "Way to Go!!" for Jodie who had an awesome race and Kim and Nicole who I kept watching get farther in front of me in the first mile and tried to catch the rest of the way. These ladies all did AWESOME! I am just glad we survived the heat. I can only say that last mile was Super hot and there was no breeze coming off that water. I do have to report that my time was 5 minutes faster than my slow time from two weeks So even though I am still not breaking any records in the run department I did reach my goal of bettering my time. If I could just keep dropping 5 minutes every race I could be a true runner in say....4-5 more races. I believe next race I really will do some distance before the race to get my shin splints worked out before the race starts. I only have one thing to say, "Running on a treadmill is a piece of cake on my shins compared to these outdoor events."

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I apologize

Sorry it has been awhile since I have posted but it has been pretty busy with visitors around our house lately. I am happy to report that I have made both appointments with my trainer this week. Yay! Time to tell a trainer story... tonight she tells me that I am a joy to work She tells me that I am the only person that she tells to do 5 more 10 more reps and I smile and laugh and then always give it my best. I figure why not smile and laugh... the workout is going to hurt even more if you don't. I didn't notice that I did that until she pointed it out. 
Pushup Challenge I have started over at the beginning. I needed a fresh start. This weekend a good group of friends is going to do the Maribelles 5K. I must say I am a little (lot) nervous about getting shin splints again. So I think I am just going to take it easy and try to beat my time from the Lunar run which I am hoping will not be too difficult since it was SLOW :). But my goal right now is just to get better so that I can improve my running for my triathlon in October and complete the 1/2 marathon in November. 

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Slow Week

Been in sort of a funk this week. Haven't done any working out this week. I have just been tired and under the weather. I just can't seem to drag myself to the gym or even around the block this week. I have missed 2 meetings with my trainer cause I have felt rough. I am sure this week will put me behind but I will deal with that tomorrow when I make it to the gym.
This weekend I am going to focus on working on my 5K time. I have another race on Aug 2nd and am hoping to much improve my time and figure out what I need to do to prevent the shin splints. I am also going to make a goal to get on my bike trainer every day for atleast 20-30 minutes.
On the weight loss front I have not gained nor lost this week. I am static. (which is very surprising as I have eaten nothing but junk. I am just worried now that all that junk will show up on the scale next week).
This week has been so lazy I haven't even worked up a workout schedule. I still have last week's schedule posted.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Pedi from Heaven

I just had to share that I got the BEST pedicure. That was just what I needed. I have lovely new tips accented by a nice purple toe on the left foot. I didn't realize how purple that nail was until she removed the old polish. It wasn't purple when it got painted over a month ago. The massage on my feet and calves was absolutely glorious. Made me want to pay her to just keep rubbing out my sore calf muscles for another hour. Sitting in that wonderful chair with the kneeding back action was also a plus. Now all I need is to schedule a 1 hour full body massage and a nap and life will be good.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Holy Shin Splints Batman!

Ouch! The first mile of the 30th Annual Lunar Rendezvous run was pure torture. I stretched before the race...I did! I stretched the night before. I got up early stretched and rolled out every muscle in my legs. I even had the good doctor give me acupuncture on my knee again for good measure. I guess it could have been worse if I hadn't done all that. I was near tears that first mile. Ever single step hurt. I wanted to just stop and sit down but I kept telling myself, "They usually go away or calm down if you just keep walking, and you don't want to quit! People will be waiting to hear how you did. It is better to eek it out slowly than not to finish. It isn't like it is a 1/2 Marathon or anything." Those were all of the things running through my head. I am so glad that I brought my ipod, the music really helped. The hardest part in the beginning was watching lots of people pass me. I am competitive by nature and it hurts to get passed up. As my legs were screaming I was mentally saying to myself "I should be faster than that person!" Finally somewhere during mile 2 my pain started to ease and I started to get closer to a few of the people who had gone ahead. Special thanks go out to the lovely woman Susan who spent the last mile and half chatting with me. That really helped too. The last mile I walked the first part as fast as I could possibly go and then the last half mile I jogged/ran to the finish. My time was under an hour so I was happy with that being that in the beginning I didn't think I could finish. Overall I think it was a good race. I learned that I need to walk more outside. Before a race I should walk it out. (not sure how far or how much but maybe that will help) I need to stretch even more than before. I have a long way to go before I am ready for a 1/2 marathon. 
FYI : The race was onsite at JSC. It looped all the way around from the Space Center, went in front of our building, then around to near the main gates. It was a nice course around.  
Now I just have to get geared up to do another 5K in two weeks. 

Friday, July 18, 2008

Been Awhile

It has been awhile since I have participated in a 5K race. Lets just say that I am a little nervous. I know it will be HOT. It is Houston in the summer. I am just wondering how HOT! I know it wont be my best race. I am hoping to jog atleast a little, but how far will I get. I plan to use this as a starting point. As most people know I am not a runner. I have completed 2 sprint triathlons so far and the running portion by far is my worst of the 3 events. It is the part I dread the most because I am not good at it. On the same line it has been the part I have been working on the most. I dream that one day I will get up and take off on a run and enjoy the scenery and not feel the aches, pains and shortness of breath. My goal is to run a whole 5k the whole time and not need to walk. I want to be able to run a 10 min mile. Why am I thinking of all this now? I am nervous to see how tomorrow will go, but anxious to get it over with. You have to start somewhere. I am improving my running every day.... or every other day!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Knee Pain and a Pain in the A#%

Tuesday night my knee was killing me. I had the good doctor give me an acupuncture treatment, I soaked it in mineral salts and then put an ice pack on it. Woke up today better but still in pain. Had the good doctor give me another acupuncture treatment and was off to work. It started to feel better except walking up and down stairs. Ouch! After work I went by and got the good doctor to tape my knee before going to meet with the trainer. Boy did that help...hardly noticed the knee. It felt so much better.

On my schedule I was supposed to do 3 miles on the treadmill but with the knee I opted for 1 mile moderate walk while waiting for my turn with Nina. Didn't feel as bad as I was expecting. Nina had me work lots of upper body in prep for my 100 pushup challenge. She also helped me stretch out my leg muscles. (Thank you!!!)

Tonight after getting home from the gym the hubby and I set up the new bike trainer in the garage. Note: Our garage is as hot as Hades. The bike trainer is wonderful. It is quiet and an easy ride. If my arms weren't killing me from plank pushup hold and it wasn't so hot I probably would have enjoyed the ride more. Altogether I probably rode about 20 min. I believe for my knee getting the clips was a good thing. It helps me stay in the correct position. My feet don't care for them too much yet.

Now for the pain in the Booty part of my evening. Went to meet the trainer for 8pm. I drive up to the gym and start looking in my purse for my id card. Can't find it. It dawns on me that I left it in my swim bag at home. Instead of driving back home and being late I think...."They have a computer system I am sure they can just look me up and by now someone will recognize me right!" Get to the front desk it isn't one of the people I recognize. She holds out her hand for my card and I politely tell her I left it at home. She looks bothered. I tell her my first and last name. She spells both wrong and has to go back to retype them. Now she looks really bothered. She enters me and I say Thank you! She says to me in the most condescending tone "I would appreciate it if in the future you remember your card and also you need to bring a towel too!" At that point I wanted to jump over the desk and strangle her. Like I forgot my card on purpose just to ruin her day and if I didn't have an appointment with the trainer I probably would have drove home to go get it. I wanted to just walk out of there. Maybe I am overreacting but I don't need to be talked to by a teenager like I am a 2 year old. I realize I forgot my card. Now for the fun part this is a poll.... Should I bring her absolutely rude behavior up to gym management or just forget it.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

To Swim or Not to Swim...

To swim or not to swim that was the question of the evening. We (Jodie, Bryan, Landon, Danny, Danny's Girly Friend, Max & Maddox) went to watch the Bay Area Toros play this evening. I had scheduled for the day to swim a little and do 15 min on the treadmill. My knee was starting to hurt a little bit so I was thinking of just doing the water work since I have a killer day scheduled for tomorrow. I haven't been in the pool in ages. Mind you I love to swim. I love the pool. I love laps. I love to race even more. I spent most of my young life either in the pool or around the pool. Swimming, however is not like biking or running, in that you have to prepare all your gear for it. This often keeps me from swimming. You have to get your suit, goggles, cap, flip flops, towel, swim ear drops, change of clothes, and any extra gear you want like kick boards, paddles etc. and get it all ready for the pool. I always feel like I am packing for a trip out of town when I go to the gym to swim. And then when you are finished you are wet... not just wet but chlorine wet. Which means a shower right away so you don't get crocodile skin or green, dry hair. So by now I bet you are wondering if I made it to the pool.
Yes!!! I did a good 30 min workout in the pool. I believe my day called for 8-12 laps. I doubled that atleast. Now I just need to get my hubby to put some needles in my knee before tomorrow and all will be well with the world. 

Monday, July 14, 2008

Mostly Over Monday

Today is mostly over. All I have left is to finish writing this entry, take a shower, set out clothes for tomorrow, watch a little bit of the Tour and hit the hay. 

At the gym this evening, I did 1 mile on the treadmill before the hour with Nina. We did a lot of CORE work this evening to build up some more strength for my Pushup Challenge. Then I finished up my evening at the gym with 2 more jog/walk miles on the treadmill. For the pushups I did 7, 7, 5, 4, 10. Glad that is over with. 

On the slimming down front, I haven't weighed this week but am hoping to see a little loss on the scale come Wednesday morning. I just wanted to mention that since starting Viv's weight loss challenge the beginning June I have lost 1/2 inch in both arms, 1 inch in my waist, 1 inch off my stomach, and a 1/2 inch off my thighs. So my 7 lb loss so far is not just water weight. I am really looking forward to getting back the athletic body I once had and keeping it. 

Migraines & Rest

Friday I woke up with the worst headache. Spent all day getting treatment and recovering. Absolutely no workout.
The rest of the weekend was pretty much spent resting, relaxing, cleaning and hanging out with friends.
Going to spend the afternoon making a new training plan that encompases all of the things I want to do in the next 6 months (5K, 10K, Triathlon, 1/2 Marathon and a Pushup Challenge). Should be interesting.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Pushup Challenge & the Trainer

So last night as usual for a Wednesday I met with Nina (my trainer). While working out I happened to mention the Pushup Challenge. So I am thinking she will have me do some pushups. No biggie cause I need to find out how many I start with. She has me do 2 sets of 15 pushups on the stability ball. OUCH!!! My second set was the fastest set of pushups she said she had ever seen. I just wanted them over with cause being on that ball was killer. We finished the hour once again working out just about every body part I have. Good workout but afterwards I was beat. I was planning to do some mileage after the workout but it was getting late and I was more tired than usual. I got in 1/2 mile on the treadmill afterwards and before the workout I had done 5 min on the rowing machine and about 15 min on the elliptical.
Believe it or not I am really looking forward to being able to do 100 pushups! Maybe by the time the I am through with the challenge I will be able to do some 1 arm

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Change In Plans

Last night I got my 2 mile run in and 3 miles on the bike. I also finished my "clip in, clip out" practice on my new bike. I am getting a lot better. I am going to try to take the bike out this weekend. Wish me luck.
Had to reschedule with the trainer yesterday. She was under the weather. So I am going to try to make up the time Friday or Sunday. Not sure which or if either will work.
Ran into my next door neighbor at the gym last night. It surprised me to see a familiar face. I am still not used to seeing people out and about here. It isn't like back home where every place you go there is someone you know. He said his wife works out Tuesdays and Thursdays. Maybe I can see what kind of workout she does. It always helps to go with someone you know. You are more likely to make it even if you don't want to.

Monday, July 7, 2008

The 4th etc.

So much going on recently I don't know where to begin and I am sure that I will forget to mention something.
June is finished and July is here. Finished the Independence Weight Loss Challenge and lost a total of 10.5 lbs. I was 6th overall and scored two awesome pairs of Wigwam socks. I am so excited to try the socks. I love a good pair of socks. Jodie was 2nd overall. She kicked some serious butt. I know that she is low key about the whole thing but she worked really hard and did a super job. Nicole even though she wasn't in the challenge has been a real inspiration throughout. Her weight is just melting off and she is keeping it real. They have been a real rock to motivate me this last month. Also serious kudos to Viv for putting on an awesome challenge.

For the 4th we stayed close to home. We usually travel, but this year we decided we needed some time at home. We went to Jodie's for the 4th and had some awesome food. Over the holiday weekend I did a lot of eating out. I know my weight will be up this week from all of the food I enjoyed last week, but I am back on track this week. Between all of the events, my son being in quite a mood, and my mother visiting I didn't get a lot of working out done over the last couple of days. On one day I did get a 7 mile ride and a mile jog in but I don't remember whether that was Thursday or Friday. lol

One of the big highlights of my weekend was finally going out shopping for my new Tri Bike. After I raced in April I had come to the conclusion that I needed a new set of wheels. Love my hybrid Mountain bike but when people were zooming by me in the race and I was pumping my little legs harder than they were I knew it was time to move up to a faster set of wheels. I tried out 6 different bikes this weekend. I usually shop by color so actually shopping and not looking at the color was very hard. One of the cutest bikes was also the most uncomfortable. I settled on a Trek 2.1. I fell in love with the gear shifting... I usually go for black and red but this pretty silver and blue combo gives me a new reason to shop for accessories. The most amusing part of the trip to the bike store was my hubby and the sales guy talking me in to a set of clips and shoes. I know one day I will thank them, but right now having that new bike in my garage and not being able to just jump right on and ride off into the sunset is killer. I need to practice "clip in, clip out" until I am comfortable before I take my beauty out on the road or I could end up black and blue.

This week we start our next leg of the Friends challenge. It ends the end of the month which happens to be Jodie's anniversary. We are challenging ourselves to meet our own personal goal. So it is the percentage of your own goal that you reach. My goal for this month is 8 lbs. I am also going to do the 100 pushup challenge with Jodie & Nicole. I have also added some new events to my schedule. I am looking forward to a great month!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Gym Party

To get my son to go stay at our gym's daycare we told him from the beginning that he was going to a gym party. We figured if we told him it was a party he would want to go and wouldn't be as unsure of it. It worked beautifully. In the last 3-4 months I would say he has been @ 4 times. So we don't bring him often, usually my hubby watches him while I am at the gym. Today hubby had to work late so it was time for a trip to the gym party. He usually gets really excited and he really likes it. Today he tells me "I no want go to gym party! There are zombies at the gym party!" Me: "There are what at the gym party?" Son: " Zombies Mommy, There are zombies at the gym party!" LOL...As soon as we got there and he saw there was a cartoon on the big TV he took of running to go have fun at the gym party. So I guess the zombies didn't stick around.

While my son was at the gym party I worked out. I did 5 minutes on the rowing machine and then a 16 minute mile. I was going to bike but I went during a busy time and there were no bikes open. I then did an hour with my trainer Nina. Once again you name it we worked. I am soooo sore from working out Monday with her and then running for the last 4 or so days in a row.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

My Own Ladder

Tonight I decided I would do 3 miles on the treadmill. Nothing major right. So when walking the first mile I decide I am going to try to get faster with each mile. Sort of like climbing a ladder. So the first mile I complete was a 20 min mile, the next one was a 17 min mile, and the last one....are you ready for this 12.45. I did each one faster than the previous and I smoked the last one. Well atleast for my non-runner self I smoked it. Total I ended up doing 3.2 miles just to make sure I got my 5K in.
I weigh my final time for Viv's challenge tomorrow. I didn't get to do it this morning. Not sure what the scale will say but I am very happy with the progress that I have made this month especially with a broken toe, a virus and a vacation. I had a lot to overcome and I believe that for myself I did a pretty good job. I didn't/wont win the challenge but I wont mind buying Jodie her mani/pedi for doing such a great job. I am really proud of all of us. Nicole, Jodie and I had a wonderful month. Now we just have to keep up the momentum!

Monday, June 30, 2008

My Trainer

Can I tell you how much I appreciate my trainer. She is the BEST! She works me hard and keeps me focused. She worries about my form the entire hour and doesn't let me slip. At first I believed that this was a real splurge spending money on a trainer. This is so out of character for me, but you know it has helped keep me motivated and going to the gym. I have gotten lots of new exercises that I can do at home or at the gym. She never makes me feel like I can't do anything. She is always surprised by my upper body strength no matter how many times she asks is that hard.... and I say "Nope not really" I always get the response "Then we will do more reps!" She is funny and makes the time fly by, as much as an hour of sweat and torture can fly by. I just want to say that I am really glad that I spent the extra dough and kept going to see her at the gym.
Today we did an hour of squats, lunges, crunches, rows, raises, pull downs, and obliques. You name it I worked tonight. I did 15 min on the bike before I met with her and then did a 15 min mile after my workout.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Moving on

I was supposed to meet with my trainer today, but she called me and said she would like it if we could skip today since we are doing Monday and Wednesday this week. She didn't want to over train me. I don't know if that is possible. I need all the help I can get, but since our company was still in town, we rescheduled. Bet you are thinking that I didn't go to the gym since I wasn't meeting with the trainer. You would be wrong. I went and put in 2 miles jog/walking on the treadmill and put in 5 miles on the stationary bike. I was very proud of myself that I got some time in at the gym.

While jog/walking on the treadmill I thought long and hard about my current state and where I need to be. I need to get healthy. I need to get in better shape. I was thinking to myself... "I used to be an athlete! If you were to look at me now you would never know that!" So I decided that I need to somehow get back to being more athletic. I am not sure if that means signing up for more events or finding a sport or what but I am going to try to find my groove. I don't want to be portly, pudgy or stout. I want to be lean, athletic and strong. I have decided that I am moving on. I am sure there will be times when I slip and times when I fall along the way but I just have to pick myself up and move on.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Rest of the Week Update

Thursday was my rest day. I planned it that way since I knew we had an event to attend that night and time would be tight. Evening went well my husband received an award. YEAH! The only downer part of the evening was sitting next to a super skinny blonde who refused dessert all together. I did pretty well even though I wanted to lick the plate clean of the dessert. It was super dewishus, but I only had 3 bites. Although even with just eating three bites sitting next to blondie made me feel guilty.... oh well.
Friday I had exercise planned. The gym closed their daycare for some reason for the weekend. Starting Thursday night and wont reopen till Monday. We also had company come in too. So no workout on friday.
Saturday I went to the gym. Nothing special. I did 30 min on the treadmill. Normally I would have run but I was getting some major pulling in my left ankle so I decided to walk @ 3.2-3.5 mph. So I got in 1.55 miles in 30 min. It was a quick workout cause I had to hurry home with groceries bought after workout to feed company.
Sunday I have a session with my trainer so I know I will get a good workout tomorrow. I am also signed up to see her on Monday and Wednesday too. All I can say is after my session on Wednesday my abs have been showing me how they really feel about 200+ crunches.
Now I am going to take this part of my blog to confess to anyone who reads this. My diet has been really bad the last couple of days. I just haven't been making the right choices. You would think with the last week of the challenge that I would be trying extra hard but I am actually doing the opposite. I am big with self sabotage. Not sure why I just give in to temptation. If anyone has any suggestions as to why I can do well for a couple of weeks and then I get in this mode of it doesn't matter and I let my effort slip, please tell me. It is not an issue of me not knowing everything I should do it is an issue of doing it. Got any ideas please share.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

What a Wednesday

Woke up this morning with a throbbing, painful knee. Not sure if I did something to it carrying my little guy at the ball game or if running on Sunday and Monday. Whatever I did it hurt. I was bummed cause I had such a big day planned for Wednesday. An hour bike/jog and an hour with the trainer. I talked to my friendly neighborhood chiropractor who said he would work on my knee before I went to the gym. I got to the office at 7pm an hour before my 8pm appoinment with the trainer. I first iced it down. The lovely, handsome doctor came in a put some e-stem and acupuncture needles in all around the knee. Left that in for about 20 min. After that he worked it out by pressing every tender spot on my leg. Ouch! Then I worked it out some more on the foam roll. I stretched it and then he gave me a lovely neon pink taped knee. I can say that all of this really did help. The pain didn't totally go away but I wasn't limping when I left the office.
Met the trainer who noticed the ever so slight limp in my walk. She thought my toe was bothering me again. I had to tell her doctor's orders. No squats, no lunges and no plyometrics. So I ended up doing lots of core work. She had me do well over 250 crunches by the time the hour was up. I also did lots of upper body work. Between what I did at the gym for upper body and carrying around my 44lb son at the ball game, my arms are screaming at me. I can say I got a great workout with the trainer. She worked me hard and I was sweating at the end. We also talked about training programs. Come to find out she is planning on doing the San Antonio 1/2 marathon too. She shared with me her training plan. She is also doing the Nike+ event at the end of August. I got an email on it just the day before. I am thinking about doing it. I am going to ask the ladies in my group if they are interested. Back to the good stuff... After my workout with Nina I was supposed to do 45 min on the Bike and a 15 min Run/Walk. Because of the knee I opted to skip the Bike (which sometimes agravates my knee) and go for a moderate mile walk. I did a mile walk in 20 minutes. Nothing to write home over but my knee felt pretty good while doing the walk.

Note: Woke up Thursday morning and knee is so much better!!! Not all pain is gone but it has really calmed down.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Rest Day- Baseball Game

Today was my rest day. Boy I needed it after the running I have done the two previous days. It has been awhile since I have been able to full on workout (cardio). I was really looking forward to resting today.
Tonight we went to an Astros baseball game. We had a great time. I split french fries and chicken tenders w/my son and then had a couple of my husbands nachos which is what I really wanted. Overall I didn't do too bad. I could have eaten more but didn't. Usually I would have eaten a whole bowl of supreme nachos w/chili, cheese, sour cream and jalepenos by myself. So only having a couple wasn't bad.
Moving in the right direction.
Today the latest Challenge results came out for this past week. I am still hanging in there at #5. I did some math though and to have a real shot at winning or even moving up I would have to drop about 5 lbs this week. I will give it my best shot.

Monday, June 23, 2008


The start of a brand new week. This morning I weighed-in for the challenge since I was away yesterday. I was down 1 lb. I was just glad I was not up a whole bunch from last week when I was sick and from being on vacation. Total for the Challenge so far I am down 10lbs. That was my goal for the whole 4 weeks. I have now reached it in 3. Pretty unbelievable.

This is my Triathlon Plan for the week mixed with my 1/2 Marathon plan
Monday—2 miles RUN, 20 min BIKE
Wednesday—45 min BIKE followed by 15 min jog/walk (1 hour total) - TRAINER DAY
Friday—40 min jog straight
Saturday—70 min bike straight, 20 laps of swimming optional
Sunday—15 min jog (middle 5 minutes faster), 5 minute walk x 3 (45 min total of jogging)

So far I am doing well. Tonight I did 1 mile in 15min. That is mostly jogging at 4mph with 3 one min walks at 3mph and a little 4.5mph in the last minute. Then I walked between 3-3.5mph for another half mile. Didn't finish two but I needed to get home. Before the run I did 20 minutes on the stationary bike at level 7-10 which gave me a total of 7 miles.

Sunday, June 22, 2008


This past Thursday through Sunday we had a mini family vacation. It was a great time. We went to San Antonio where my hubby was having a work convention. We got in at @ 3:30am on Thursday. Got moving that morning for our trip to Sea World. I have never been and it was wonderful. Got lots of cardio in walking in the 100° weather. Later we walked around the Riverwalk. I believe I walked over 6.5 miles on Thursday. The diet went pretty well. I ate much better than I normally would have. Friday was more walking. We took my son to the Children's Museum.... can you say death by stairs....up and down... and up and down again. wow. I think I got in about 5 miles and then later that night I went to the hotel exercise room for a little cardio. I did a mile on the treadmill and 5 miles on the bike. Saturday was pretty much a wash as far as exercise and cardio. Too much going on topped off by a formal affair that evening. Sunday was a great day for my diet. My crowning achievement was salads all day. I know you are saying no big deal but the second salad was while the rest of my family was eating Double Dave's pizza buffet. I was so proud of myself. Tonight I went to the gym and did 5 minutes on the rowing machine as a warm-up. Then I did 3 miles on the treadmill and finished in @ 40 min. Not sure of the exact timing but I was proud of myself for this as well since I ran most of the 3 miles. That is a big improvement. I am worried about my weigh-in tomorrow morning. Not sure if I kept off all of the weight I dropped last week while sick. I haven't been anywhere near a scale in 4 days so I have no way of knowing what my weight will be. Did I gain back all of the 6lbs I lost last week. Did I keep those off? or Did I keep those off and lose some more? I guess we will find out tomorrow morning. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Wednesday.... Please be over soon....

Can I just tell you I woke up with the worst migraine this morning. It is better but still killing me. Let's just say I have had a rough morning. Everything took longer than it should. I just want to crawl back in bed with the covers over my head. I still haven't packed for our trip. We leave tonight and I am so not ready.
Ok back to things you want to read about. On the working out front I met with my trainer last night and did an abs and butt workout. So today I wont be able to sit or stand without discomfort. I also did two slow miles yesterday. I need to get my training back on track so I started last night. Now that my toe is almost healed I believe I can get back to working out more often. Who would have thought a little toe could cause so much trouble.
On the scale this morning still down. I am still down 8 lbs from last presickness weight. I am so curious to see what the scale will tell me next Monday when I get back from my trip. Hopefully it will be good news. Oh before I forget... Congrats to Jodie #1 (4.7%)on the weight loss challenge overall for week #2!!!! I didn't do too shabby myself. I came in at a respectable #5 (3.96%)overall out of 59 people. Now the challenge will be can we stay near the top.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Snoozing Pays Off!

Come to find out if you snooze sometimes you lose. Last night after we got home I passed out from exhaustion. I just couldn't hold my eyes open. I slept hard. I can't remember when I have slept more soundly. I hadn't slept the night before. I believe it was the antihistamines that I have been taking to get rid of this gnasty croup I have. I must have taken it too close to bed time cause I tossed and turned and didn't sleep the night before. This morning I woke up feeling so much better than the previous 3 days. My throat feels so much better. My lymph nodes are now the size of large marbles instead of golf balls. I am on the mend.

Missed my workout last night but I am going to make up for it today.

Alright now to the lose part. I got curious to see how much of the 6 lb loss from me being sick had I put back on. I stepped on the scale and to my utter surprise, amazement and astonishment I was down another 3 lbs. So with this illness I have lost 9 lbs in 4 days. I am sure that some of it will come back but boy it is so nice to see those beautiful smaller numbers on that scale.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Wow- What a loss

Let's just say I was expecting a loss but not such a big one. Of course I spent the whole day prior hugging the porcelain god and couldn't even keep down any water. So I guess I should have been surprised when I saw the 6 lb weight loss this morning. I contemplated whether or not turn in that loss for the challenge since next week I am sure that I will be up, but alas I wanted to see my name up near the top of the list. Even if it is only for a time. Let me just tell you how beautiful that number on the scale was this morning. I haven't seen that number in quite awhile, atleast 8-9 months. Since I was home alone today I took some time to take my body measurements and look at my past measurements. I was struck by how long I have been overweight. I have been 30-60 lbs over my ideal weight for the last 9 years. I didn't realize it had been that long since I had been at my ideal weight. It was a real eye opener. I always say I want to lose weight. The scale will go down a few pounds....I will get comfortable... the scale will go up a few more... and so my weight has been climbing for the last 10 years. I have had a few spots of weight loss but nothing major. I want things to be different this time. I have been so inspired by so many people this year. I am hoping that their accomplishments will motivate me to make a difference. I believe that this month long weight loss challenge is helping me start to reach my goal of being a thinner, healthier me!

Change in plans

Can you say "Sick as a dog!" I have spent all day with the worst pain, fever, upset stomach, sinus drainage. I have not been able to eat anything all day and when I try lets just say it comes back to visit. So I was not able to go back to LA for the weekend. I was worried about eating too much LOL who would have thought I would be eating nothing at all. Oh well the scale/weigh in for the challenge should be really good this week. Being sick for that to happen really bites though.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Back to LA

This weekend we are going to Louisiana for some family functions. Tomorrow we will be attending my aunt and uncle's 50th wedding anniversary party. On Sunday we will be having a Father's Day BBQ at my brother-in-law's house. So all weekend will be temptation in the food department and not much opportunity to workout. I will bring my running shoes and try to get some movement in. I am very worried about the weigh-in on Monday. Maybe that will keep me in check over the weekend. Boy I hope so!

I am really looking forward to losing 20 lbs now. The other day I told Jodie that when I lost 20 lbs she could come shopping with me for new outfits. Note to Jodie: I need cute clothes in my closet and you need to shop so....... help me take off that 20 real fast!

Depending on how Maddox's day went I might try taking him to the gym tonight so that I can get some cardio done before we leave in the morning. One of my goals this weekend is to take some time and really plan out my diet and excercise for the upcoming week. Since we will be headed out of town next Wednesday night for several days in San Antonio. Another reason I have to be good this weekend.... I have a formal to attend next Saturday night. Need to be able to fit in my dress. Note to self: Go home and try on dress.. you may not be able to eat again until after next Saturday night.

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Getting Back in the Groove

I need to get back in the groove of working out. I always feel better after I work out. You know that feeling of soreness and accomplishment. Then there is the feeling of pride when you can tell people. "I workout." I like it when I tell people that I do triathlon's and they are usually are like "Wow" but maybe it is because they look at me and think "Really your big ol' butt can do that!" which I guess is kind of a complement in itself. I miss my regular training and trips to the gym that pretty much were the norm in the months of March and April. May was really a dud month for me. I am trying to get refocused in June but the toe injury has really thrown my plan a curve ball. It is sooo much better, but still gives me a little trouble when I try to run. This week however my problem has not been my toe it has been finding the time to go to the gym. I can't wait until my son's swimming lessons are finished which will be at the end of the month. Then I can swim with him when we go to our pool and mommy can get some time in the pool too. I haven't been swimming in soooo long. I mean lap swimming.
I think it is time for me to come up with some sort of schedule for my training. Not what to do but when I am going to do what I have planned. Then maybe me and the hubby can plan around it and make it more part of the day.
Last night I did 10 min on the rowing machine and then 10 min on the arm cardio machine. I did 50 crunches and about 25 bridges. Wall squats, cable squats, leg extensions, sitting squats on machine. Some upper body cable and dumbell work. I am a little sore today but not too bad.
For the first week of the challenge I posted in at 11th place with 1.32%. Jodie posted in at 10 with 1.36%. Nicole kicked our butts with her 5(7)lb loss for the week. So between the 3 of us I am in last place, but I am still very excited about my 3lb loss for last week. Being so close to the top of the list for the official challenge was very exciting. Made one think there might be a chance to win or atleast come close. This challenge has been very motivating.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Can't Wait

Waiting to see what Viv posts for the first weigh-in for the Weight Loss Challenge. Waiting on my husband to be home long enough for me to workout. Waiting....Waiting....
I know I am not supposed to do this but this morning I jumped on the scale(even though it was not a weigh-in day). It showed a couple pounds lighter than Sunday's weigh-in. I went to the bathroom a zillion times it seemed like yesterday. So I am sure the loss is all water weight. Now if I could just make it to the gym.
Last night I planned to go but my son had a major meltdown and there was no way I was taking him anywhere especially to the gym. Then by the time we got back from dropping off the car and then putting Maddox to bed it was after 9pm and I didn't want to be getting back from the gym around 11pm. I have done it before but last night was just not one of those nights. So you are asking why don't you work out in the morning like all of your good gym going buddies. Well the last two mornings my hubby told me the night before that he was getting up in the morning Monday to help out with a Fitness Boot Camp Class that his buddy is teaching and Tuesday to get some paperwork done at the office. He slept through both of them. I hadn't set my alarm to get up early cause he had it planned already. When I woke up and saw him still sleeping I was disappointed in missing that prime workout time. Tonight Maddox has swimming lessons so hopefully I can get in a late workout.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Sunday Weigh Day

So this morning I weighed in....down 3lbs. I was very surprised as I was not expecting any loss what so ever. I feel like I am retaining a ton of fluid and I have not been able to do much working out this week with the toe.

Went to the gym this morning started on the treadmill and realized my toe is not quite ready for what I wanted to do. So I did 10min for a little over a half mile. Then I got on the bike and did 15 min and completed 3 miles. I am glad that I have made it to the gym. I have so been lacking in that area this past week.

My steps for the week:

I am very proud of my numbers cause it hurt a lot to get there.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Healthy Reflections from Spark People

A man who wants something will find a way; a man who doesn't will find an excuse. - Stephen Dolley Jr.

Do you see possibilities or problems?

It's been said that some of the smartest people around would make lousy entrepreneurs. How can that be? The fact is, some people are so smart they can easily see all of the problems, roadblocks, and snafus that they'll need to overcome to succeed. They can think of all kinds of reasons why their idea won't work. This knowledge can overwhelm any thoughts of possibilities or dreams. When you think of your goals, do you focus on the positives of making it happen, or the negatives of potential barriers? To reach your goals, you gotta really want them. More importantly, you gotta really believe that you can do it. Think more about why you CAN make it happen instead of why you can't. No more excuses.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Whoa Wednesday

My big news of the day... I put a shoe on my foot. Not a flip flop but a real shoe and it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. There were moments of pain but nothing I couldn't grit my teeth through. So you know me I have to push my limits on things. When Nicole and Jodie wanted to walk after work I said "Sure if I can put a tennis shoe on I am there!" Well I got that shoe on and proceeded to limp around the track with them for 2 miles. I am very proud of myself. We did it in 38:38. Nothing to write home about but they were walking with me. It started hurting a little afterwards but nothing terrible. I am waiting till the morning to see if I irritated it too bad or if I can keep doing more things.
Tonight I went to my trainer, Nina at the gym. I did a 5 minute rowing workout before she got to me. Then I gave her the bad news about my toe. So she had me do 10 minutes throughout the hour workout of this upper body cardio machine. It is like doing cycling with your arms. I did lots of upper body circuits and probably will be feeling it tomorrow since when we were done my muscles were jumping all over the place. I have an appointment to see Nina on Monday and Wednesday next week so we will see how that goes.
On another note I ate really well today.
Breakfast - Breakfast Bar w/ diet coke
Snack - Protein shake
Lunch - Weight Watches frozen meal
Dinner - Salad and a piece of turkey jerky
Snack - Protein water and another piece of turkey jerky
Also I must note my steps for the week so far.
Monday - 6081
Tuesday -6100
Wednesday- 13329
Not too bad for a gimp with a broken toe...

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Nope I didn't type that wrong. I read the best little article in one of my fitness mags. It was about retirement. How people take the time to sock away money in the 401k for retirement but don't take the time to take care of themselves. It made a good point about how even if you save up a ton of money on retirement if you have health problems from not taking care of yourself and investing in yourself and your health for the future the money wont matter. You wont be able to properly enjoy all of your hard work. So after reading that I am going to do my best to invest in my own 401h (my 401 health plan) to make sure I am able to enjoy my life in the years to come. To be part of it and not just spectator on the sidelines. Just thought I would take a minute to share that on my blog incase anyone else gets as much out of it as I did.

Tuesday Update

The toe is healing. I can put some weight on it and it isn't excrusiatingly painful anymore. I am hoping to be able to stop walking dragging my feet and be able to put on some real shoes soon. I am going to try to get my feet in some sneakers for tomorrow so that I can get to my workout with my trainer.
Last night I did get my 50+ situps done and even with the toe issue I still got 6081steps for the day. So not too bad for a gimp. I have also been eating well. I have had a salad for lunch both Monday and Tuesday. I had a protein bar for breakfast yesterday and a small kolache this morning. Last night for dinner I had a roast beef sandwich and ice tea.
I am looking forward to starting my Half Marathon workout plan along with getting my triathlon plans back up to speed. I am bummed though. There are two really great triathlons in the next couple of weeks that I will not be able to make. The first one is in Clearlake on the 14th but my aunt and uncle are having their 50th wedding anniversary and it is Father's Day weekend. So we will be in LA. Then the next weekend there are is another triathlon and a 5k that I would love to do but we will be in San Antonio for a convention that weekend. At this point I am not sure when my next triathlon will be. I am trying to decide whether to just focus on the two main ones I want to do in October or try to do some other ones before then. I still need to get a new bike and I haven't even had the time to start looking yet. I need to do that soon.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Goals for the Week

My goals for the week are to do whatever it takes to get my toe in running/walking shape again. Do 50 crunches per day. Walk as much as I can. I originally wanted to make sure I did 10000 steps per day but I don't know if I will be able to do that this week. I will give it my best shot though. I will post my food consumption on Spark all week.

Ohhhh My Aching Toe!

Had a few friends over to the house last night to celebrate the new job I start tomorrow. Before the gathering really got under way I was looking for straws in the pantry when a bottle of apple cider vinegar fell from the top shelf and landed on my second toe. All I can say is "Wow the pain" It hurts to put pressure on my foot. I get a shooting pain up the leg when anything touches that toe. So I limped around for the rest of the evening.
I had such grand plans for this week. I just started a weight loss challenge with some friends for 30 days and they will have about a week up on me. My doctor took some x-rays. Beautiful portraits of my foot. I wanted to frame them they came out so well. The damage was at the tip of the toe near the nail. Nothing that will hinder a complete recovery or warrants surgery but I will have a rough week of recovery. It was suggested that I immerse my foot in ice water.....oooch. So tonight I am going to take one of the ice chests from last night and put my foot in the leftover ice. I hate soaking anything in ice.
So here is to a week of not too much cardio going on here.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Wednesday with Nina

Nina is the trainer I see at 24hr Fitness. She is great. She had me doing a butt blasting circuit last night. OUCH! My booty is on fire. But anything to make my Gluteus maximus into a Gluteus minimus. Then we did arms. I always surprise her with how much weight I can do with my upper body. I have my forty something pound son to thank for that. Didn't get a chance to do any cardio as my son and husband tagged along and the kids room shut down right as I was finishing up with the trainer.
This week has not been as productive on the exercise front as I had hoped but as long as I am moving. I have been cleaning out closets at my house. Not Fun at all! I am so ready for a house cleaning break.
Jodie sent me a link to a 30 day weight loss challenge. I think that is so what I need. A way to competitively lose weight and stay motivated. The competition is from June 1 to July 1. Can't wait to see how I will fare over 30 days. I have tried some other things like this but it was always just me. So maybe this will work better.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Much needed R&R this past weekend. However I didn't know that it would be raccoon eyes and a racerback suit burn. I did have an incredibly relaxing weekend. Much needed. I am going to get some cardio in this afternoon. I haven't decided wether I will jog around the neighborhood or go to the gym. Either way I need to get back on track.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Unexpected Thursday

Well my Thursday gym plans were foiled. We got some free tickets to the Astros game tonight. We couldn't turn it down. However I did get a nice long walk/jog to the park from our parking spot while trying to keep up with my husband and his long legs. Then I had to come home and make brownies for the baby shower at work tomorrow/my last day. Funny that I have to bring brownies on my last day of work but they always go over well so nothing like leaving on a good note. I believe my exercise tomorrow will be seeing if I can get my packing done before it is time to leave. Wish me luck!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Wednesday 5-21-08

I am so glad that I signed up with the trainer so at least one day a week I have to do something. Monday my son had an ear gym. Tuesday... hubby worked late and I was lazy...Wednesday...trainer kicked my butt.... Thursday...will do it on my own...Friday through Monday...enjoying my break....
Tonight I got a total body workout for an hour with the trainer. We did several different circuits. I will probably be sore tomorrow. Then after she finished beating me up I went and did a mile on the treadmill. I know that isn't much but I haven't been moving my butt much lately so I am happy that I got any cardio in. Oh and I had Mexican food before I met with the trainer.
Jodie I am not sure if this is the power of suggestion or just coincidence I sweat my butt off tonight. It seemed like so much more than usual. I thought of your blog while I made good use of my towel.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Monday - Restart

Today I am supposed to swim and jog. If my husband gets home at a decent hour tonight that is exactly what I plan to do. It has been awhile since I have been in the pool. Maybe if I spend more time in my swim suit I wont dread the way I look in my swim suit so much.

Food Today:
Breakfast-2 boudin kolaches
Lunch -corn & crawfish chowder & side salad & sweet tea
Dinner - 2 Tamales w/ cheese

Training Schedule

This Week in Training:
Monday—24 laps with :30-:45 rest (600 yds), 20 min jog
Tuesday—Day off
Wednesday—45 min bike followed by 15 min jog/walk (1 hour total); 1hr w/trainer
Thursday—5K jog/walk
Friday—60 min bike straight, 20 laps of swimming optional
Saturday—Day off
Sunday—15 min jog (middle 5 minutes faster), 5 minute walk x 3 (45 min
total of jogging)

Friday, May 16, 2008

Thankful it is FRIDAY!

Went to the gym last night, but not to workout. I signed up for more sessions with my trainer Nina. She kicks my butt atleast once a week so I decided that I would let her keep doing it. I have gotten great exercise tips that I can do at home and she is very good about correcting my posture and position while I am working out. She actually knows her stuff and talks to me on an even level. Most trainers I have dealt with in the past talk down to you and there is nothing I hate worse than being talked to like I don’t know anything.

My hip is almost all better. So even though I am feeling like a slob for not working out much this week my hip joint seems to be recovering nicely. I plan to ramp up the workouts pretty hard next week. I have another triathlon I want to do in 8 weeks, so I better get busy.

I am making a confession to the world. My biggest problem is I LIKE FOOD. I like food when I am lazy, I like food when I am bored, I like food when I am busy, I like food when I am active, I like food when I am happy and I like food when I am sad, I like food with friends, I like food just sitting alone, and I especially like food when I AM STRESSED. Lets just say that there has been a lot of stress in my life for almost the last year and you can really see it on my waistline.

Before I go today I want to give a special “Thank You!” to Jodie for this really cool new layout. “ You Rock!”

Thursday, May 15, 2008

This Week

5-12-08 - Today was my last day with the trainer. I got there early and did 10 minutes on the rowing machine, 20 minutes on the bike for about 7 miles (alpine hills), 10 minutes on the stair climber at level 5. Then the trainer had me do a ton of ab and butt work. I also did arm work. I was beat by the time I finished.

5-13-08 – Maddox had swim lessons so no time to work out tonight.

5-14-08 – Maddox had make-up swim lessons but I thought that I would go afterwards. In the morning I woke up with the worst pain in my hip joint. Hard to walk much less workout.

5-15-08 – Maddox has swim lessons again tonight. Hip feels a little better so we will see if I can make it to the gym.

5-16-08 – Headed up to Austin TX to visit family. Don’t think I will have time in the evening and I have an hour of work to make up. Maybe I can fit in something at home.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008


My second to last meeting with the trainer today. I can tell you one thing... My abs will be screaming tomorrow. I can't tell you the last time I did that many crunches. That is alright though I need to whittle my middle. Thinking about signing up with the trainer after the sessions we already got with the gym membership are finished. Once a week might not be so bad. It might keep me more on track. I need something to hold me accountable. The blog really helps. Knowing that people check on this thing to see what I have been doing makes me actually do more than I would without it. That and the idea of doing more races and the scary thought of what they would be like without any training what so ever... ouch! Max has been busy this week preparing for the Fair this weekend so I haven't gotten to do as much as I would have liked in the workout department, but I did bring Maddox to the gym daycare this evening and he loved it. So that might be an option every once and awhile.

Monday, May 5, 2008

A few days behind…

Sorry I am a few days behind. Lets see on Thursday night I didn’t get home till around 9pm so I definitely did not make it to work out. Friday I just didn’t make it. Saturday morning I worked out with my trainer after doing 10 minutes on the rowing machine. As usual trainer kicked my booty. After I finished I did a 15 min mile on the treadmill. So I worked out total for about an hour and a half. Sunday I did nothing. I celebrated my 7th wedding anniversary belatedly. Spent the day at the spa. Much needed and very relaxing. Didn’t want to ruin my relaxing day with a workout. Tonight I go meet the trainer again for a session and then again on Wednesday evening. I will post my actual training plan for the week shortly. My biggest problem lately is my diet and not my activity. I could also use more sleep. I am working on it all though.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Warmed up with 10 minutes on the rowing machine at the gym. Met with the trainer for an hour of circuit work. My butt is going to hurt tomorrow. After the work with the trainer I did a 16 minute mile on the treadmill. I then called it a night. Tomorrow I am going to try to get some biking in and maybe some swimming. Thinking about signing up for the triathlon in May as a relay and I know if that happens I will be doing the swimming which means I better get my butt in the pool.

Tried out the new shoes. I like them still have to get used to them they are a size or two bigger than what I am used to wearing so they slip a little on the run but I am sure that is only temporary while I get in the groove. Still looking for a bike.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

New Equipment

My new shoes came in yesterday. Very comfortable. I have not gotten a chance to try them out yet but am really looking forward to it. I am also looking for a new bike. I will let you know when I find one.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Big Day

Pre Race
Woke up @ 5am and got dressed in my suit and bike shorts. Didn’t sleep that well the night before. Packed all of my gear in the car and headed for Eunice. Got to my brother-in-law’s house about 6am. Put the bike rack on the car first, then went to get the bike. Looked in the first shed, No Bike, Looked in the second shed, No Bike, Looked around the house, No Bike. Called Brother-in-Law… Where is my bike? Answers Oh S..t! Left it in Paw’s truck. But where is Paw? He is at McDonald’s hanging out with his cronies. So I am off to McDonald’s to get my bike. Find Paw with his buddies… sure I gave them a thrill in my swim suit and bike shorts. Got my bike out of the back of the truck, strapped it on the back of the car. I am off to the race….FINALLY! Not the morning I had planned. Got to the race site aired up my tires, picked up my packet, laid out my gear, took a potty break and hung out with Max until the race started.

Lined up according to bib #. I was #43. Each person started 10 seconds after the previous person. I entered a time of 3 min 30 sec for the swim. It was a snake through the lanes 6 lengths of a 25 meter pool. I passed the girl in front of me and finished in 2 minutes and 38 seconds. The girl behind me did pass by me on the pavement running barefoot to the bike and I didn’t want to run barefoot and slip.

Got to my bike. Made sure to put on my socks and shoes, shirt, decided I would forego the running shorts till later, put on my 89 cent stocking cap to keep my hair under control and then put on my helmet. Grabbed my gloves and started to put them on while riding the bike. Forgot to grab my cool pack for my neck but luckily it was a pretty cool day.

Affectionately I would like to call this part Tour De Road Kill. It was a nice scenic ride through the rice fields in South West Louisiana. Beautiful scenery but lots of sites and smells that I could have done without. I saw the following road kill: turtle, 6 snakes, rabbit, dog and a couple of unidentified animals. Back to the race….From the very beginning I noticed that I was putting lots of effort and not getting very far where others were barely peddling and just flying right past me. At this point I have decided that a new bike is in my future if I want to do another race. My butt was numb by the 5th mile. On the way back I just kept thinking “And now I have to run! My goal is to just finish!”

Got off my bike and was in such a rush cause I wanted to get this finished. I forgot to put on my running shorts (no big deal) and I forgot my ipod which probably would have really helped.

The whole first mile of the run I just kept thinking one foot in front of the other. I had shin splints sooooo bad it hurt to walk. At the start of mile 2 they felt better so I started to jog/walk from telephone pole to telephone pole. Believe it or not I pretty much finished at the pace I had practiced even with the shin splints and not practicing outside. I finished the 2 miles in 32:41. My overall time was 1:31:34 to complete a 150meter Swim, 10 mile Bike, 2 mile Run.

After the race was over I realized that I need a new bike, I need to spend more time in the pool, I need to up my run so that I can finish a 5K with more running than walking. The next race on my list is the COMBAT triathlon May 24th. It is a lot longer so we shall see if I really am up for it by then. 300 meter Swim, 15 mile Bike, 3 mile Run. Maybe I can talk some people in to doing it as a relay with me. We shall see?

Friday, April 25, 2008

Outlook Not So Sunny

Ok now I am worried. I looked up the weather for the race tomorrow. I had done this earlier in the week too and it just said chance of showers. Now it looks like there is no chance I wont get wet. I don’t like riding in the rain, but running in the rain is a lot cooler than in the August sun.

The Day Before

Am I stressing? Just a little. Got most of my gear together for the race tomorrow. This afternoon when I get home from work I will go through it all with my list one last time to make sure I have all of the essentials. Haven’t packed anything for the rest of the weekend or for my son yet. So I still have a good deal of packing to do. Just took the last dose of my Z-pack for my sore throat. Getting ready to load the borrowed Ipod shuffle with some music incase they will let me use it during the run. Hopefully they will, as that would really help the run to go faster. You know something else to concentrate on besides the pounding of feet, the pain of the legs and the shortness of breath. I am still going to try to run by Academy this afternoon to exchange a shirt I bought the other night and pick up a couple of other things. Don’t know if I will make it but I am going to try. Just seems like there is so much to do before I head out this evening. I probably wont leave till about 8 or so. The puts me getting to LA at around 11pm. I am shooting to get up tomorrow morning around 5am. It takes 30 minutes to get to the race site and I need to go get my bike in Eunice, put on the new seat cover and air up my tires. Registration / Packet pick-up starts at 6:30 and the race starts at 8am. If I get up at 5am I should get there in plenty of time and get everything ready. Then hopefully an hour and 20 minutes later I will be crossing the finish line.

Oh by the way I didn’t do any type of exercise yesterday unless you count cleaning the house. I was just too tired so I took a nap. I thought I better get some rest before the race cause I know I probably wont sleep well tonight.
On a totally side note… Got a fortune cookie yesterday. Here is what it said, “From the floors of the ocean, the waves of the tide, a vacation awaits you far & wide.” I am so ready for a vacation. Sounds like there will be water, sandy beaches and fruity drinks in my future. Something to think about other than the race!