Friday, December 12, 2008


Had sort of a pre birthday day today. I was off work today. So I spent the day trying to get caught up on my Christmas shopping. Wore my orthotics all day today. Curious to see how my legs and feet will feel tomorrow. Since it was my pre birthday I scheduled myself a massage. My normal person called in sick so I was given a sub. I didn't know what to expect, but was hoping for at least a decent massage. I must say the massage was AWESOME.... the only thing was that the person giving it was a middle aged man. I know that probably isn't a huge deal, but I must admit, it kinda weirded me out a little. After that I picked up the little guy and we met the Rhodes crew and Nicole for dinner at Don Julio's. My mom drove in and got to town right before dinner. It was a nice meal. After dinner we went to the Dickinson Lights Festival for a quick, very quick run through. We got there at 9:10 and they closed at 9:30. It was a speed walking trip through the lights. We will have to go back to really enjoy it. Afterwards we drove through one of our favorite neighborhoods for lights. The little guy didn't make it to see the first house he fell asleep. 


Jodie said...

Happy Birthday! Glad we could celebrate with you (early!)

Al's CL Reviews said...

Happy Birthday!

Viv said...

Looks like you started the birthday weekend out great hope it went on till you close your eyes tonight :)