Monday, May 5, 2008

A few days behind…

Sorry I am a few days behind. Lets see on Thursday night I didn’t get home till around 9pm so I definitely did not make it to work out. Friday I just didn’t make it. Saturday morning I worked out with my trainer after doing 10 minutes on the rowing machine. As usual trainer kicked my booty. After I finished I did a 15 min mile on the treadmill. So I worked out total for about an hour and a half. Sunday I did nothing. I celebrated my 7th wedding anniversary belatedly. Spent the day at the spa. Much needed and very relaxing. Didn’t want to ruin my relaxing day with a workout. Tonight I go meet the trainer again for a session and then again on Wednesday evening. I will post my actual training plan for the week shortly. My biggest problem lately is my diet and not my activity. I could also use more sleep. I am working on it all though.

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