Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Tuesday Update

The toe is healing. I can put some weight on it and it isn't excrusiatingly painful anymore. I am hoping to be able to stop walking dragging my feet and be able to put on some real shoes soon. I am going to try to get my feet in some sneakers for tomorrow so that I can get to my workout with my trainer.
Last night I did get my 50+ situps done and even with the toe issue I still got 6081steps for the day. So not too bad for a gimp. I have also been eating well. I have had a salad for lunch both Monday and Tuesday. I had a protein bar for breakfast yesterday and a small kolache this morning. Last night for dinner I had a roast beef sandwich and ice tea.
I am looking forward to starting my Half Marathon workout plan along with getting my triathlon plans back up to speed. I am bummed though. There are two really great triathlons in the next couple of weeks that I will not be able to make. The first one is in Clearlake on the 14th but my aunt and uncle are having their 50th wedding anniversary and it is Father's Day weekend. So we will be in LA. Then the next weekend there are is another triathlon and a 5k that I would love to do but we will be in San Antonio for a convention that weekend. At this point I am not sure when my next triathlon will be. I am trying to decide whether to just focus on the two main ones I want to do in October or try to do some other ones before then. I still need to get a new bike and I haven't even had the time to start looking yet. I need to do that soon.

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