Thursday, May 29, 2008

Wednesday with Nina

Nina is the trainer I see at 24hr Fitness. She is great. She had me doing a butt blasting circuit last night. OUCH! My booty is on fire. But anything to make my Gluteus maximus into a Gluteus minimus. Then we did arms. I always surprise her with how much weight I can do with my upper body. I have my forty something pound son to thank for that. Didn't get a chance to do any cardio as my son and husband tagged along and the kids room shut down right as I was finishing up with the trainer.
This week has not been as productive on the exercise front as I had hoped but as long as I am moving. I have been cleaning out closets at my house. Not Fun at all! I am so ready for a house cleaning break.
Jodie sent me a link to a 30 day weight loss challenge. I think that is so what I need. A way to competitively lose weight and stay motivated. The competition is from June 1 to July 1. Can't wait to see how I will fare over 30 days. I have tried some other things like this but it was always just me. So maybe this will work better.

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Jodie said...

I could have sworn I commented yesterday...

How's your glutes? I'm excited about Saturday! We can kick off teh Independence challenge with a good meal! Yummo