Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Need to Tri Hard

This week my goal is to sign up for the Triathlon(s) at the end of October and redo my training schedule. If I am going to compete I need to start increasing my effort. I have been to the gym this week. Yay! I have not however done as much as I would like or is that as much as I should.

Have been doing a better job watching what I have been eating. For the Worth the Weight Challenge this past week I was down 3lbs. That gave me a wopping 1.33% and I am in the 9th spot out of 24. A nice place in the middle of the pack in which to focus on losing for the next week. I really am not in it to win, although that would be nice. I just want to shed some of my extra pounds around the middle before it is time to compete in the Tri.

Been spending most of my evenings lately watching the Olympics like everyone else. Love the swimming! It really makes me miss competition and if I could find a Master's swim club in my area I would be all about it. Love to swim but am not that great at practicing alone. I can swim the laps but there is nothing like a long hard practice when there are people to race and push you along. I really can't believe there is not a club in my area but alas I have not found one. There are running clubs and biking clubs and lots of people in the area compete in Tri's, so you think there would be a swim group. Well for now I will just have to keep watching Phelps win gold and dream of competitive swimming.


Alexa said...

I miss swimming also!! I loved it in college when a friend and I would do laps together, it was great to keep each other going. And goodness, it sure is fun to watch those boys

Jess said...

I've been loving to watch the Olympics stuff. I wish there were some teams of some sort around here that I could get involved with for my cross training stuff (esp. swimming)

carla said...

Im NOT really a swimmer and am all kinds of motivated by the olympics as well.

Im deluded enough to think I could still don a suit and glide not thrash through the water.



lizzy said...

yeeee swimming!! even though i do it everyday the olympics still make me get excited to get in the pool. that is sucky you dont have an area masters program, maybe you could recruit a training partner to swim laps with you! hope your having a great week!

J~Mom said...

Great job on your weight loss!! That is awesome!

Viv said...

The Oly's have been too much fun to watch. i hear on the swimming with a group kinda keeps me motivated in the ppo. So, are you registering for Hi-Fi?? I will be there for sure we will have to toast a beer together.
Great job on keeping that scale moving down.