Wednesday, May 7, 2008


My second to last meeting with the trainer today. I can tell you one thing... My abs will be screaming tomorrow. I can't tell you the last time I did that many crunches. That is alright though I need to whittle my middle. Thinking about signing up with the trainer after the sessions we already got with the gym membership are finished. Once a week might not be so bad. It might keep me more on track. I need something to hold me accountable. The blog really helps. Knowing that people check on this thing to see what I have been doing makes me actually do more than I would without it. That and the idea of doing more races and the scary thought of what they would be like without any training what so ever... ouch! Max has been busy this week preparing for the Fair this weekend so I haven't gotten to do as much as I would have liked in the workout department, but I did bring Maddox to the gym daycare this evening and he loved it. So that might be an option every once and awhile.

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Jodie said...

We're so watching you girly! LOL. Anything that helps get me to the gym, I'm all for that.

Hope you can laugh today without excruciating ab soreness.