Thursday, June 26, 2008

What a Wednesday

Woke up this morning with a throbbing, painful knee. Not sure if I did something to it carrying my little guy at the ball game or if running on Sunday and Monday. Whatever I did it hurt. I was bummed cause I had such a big day planned for Wednesday. An hour bike/jog and an hour with the trainer. I talked to my friendly neighborhood chiropractor who said he would work on my knee before I went to the gym. I got to the office at 7pm an hour before my 8pm appoinment with the trainer. I first iced it down. The lovely, handsome doctor came in a put some e-stem and acupuncture needles in all around the knee. Left that in for about 20 min. After that he worked it out by pressing every tender spot on my leg. Ouch! Then I worked it out some more on the foam roll. I stretched it and then he gave me a lovely neon pink taped knee. I can say that all of this really did help. The pain didn't totally go away but I wasn't limping when I left the office.
Met the trainer who noticed the ever so slight limp in my walk. She thought my toe was bothering me again. I had to tell her doctor's orders. No squats, no lunges and no plyometrics. So I ended up doing lots of core work. She had me do well over 250 crunches by the time the hour was up. I also did lots of upper body work. Between what I did at the gym for upper body and carrying around my 44lb son at the ball game, my arms are screaming at me. I can say I got a great workout with the trainer. She worked me hard and I was sweating at the end. We also talked about training programs. Come to find out she is planning on doing the San Antonio 1/2 marathon too. She shared with me her training plan. She is also doing the Nike+ event at the end of August. I got an email on it just the day before. I am thinking about doing it. I am going to ask the ladies in my group if they are interested. Back to the good stuff... After my workout with Nina I was supposed to do 45 min on the Bike and a 15 min Run/Walk. Because of the knee I opted to skip the Bike (which sometimes agravates my knee) and go for a moderate mile walk. I did a mile walk in 20 minutes. Nothing to write home over but my knee felt pretty good while doing the walk.

Note: Woke up Thursday morning and knee is so much better!!! Not all pain is gone but it has really calmed down.

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Jodie said...

Glad you have a chiropractor that does such great work. ;-)

Probably a good thing you're letting your knee recover today. It'll be better to take it slow and be able to be active for longer than to push it and have to sit out for a while.