Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Notes For A Cold Running Wuss

Here are a few notes to self for the next time I decide to run at any temp around 32degrees F. 
1. Fingertip less gloves or iPhone gloves are a must.  Hands get cold. 
2. Something to cover your face from the cold biting wind would be a good idea. 
3. Should one wear some sort of eye cover for eye wind protection? Sunglasses won't work cause I run in the evening.
4. Add another layer to upper arms. Maybe a thicker tshirt length on top of long sleeve. 

If anyone who runs up North or in the cold wants to add to my list please do. It is March so this is probably the last cold spell like this...but you never know. 

Another Round Please

I am doing another round of Couch to 5K. I do a round then sit on my duff for a bit...just long enough to where my body needs to start at the beginning again. I was running pretty well in the Fall but then it happened, Texas had a real Winter this year. Since A) I am a wuss and B) I run outside mostly late I just didn't do it. My hubby signed the son and I up for a 5K a week back. It was brutal. I hadn't prepped at all not one bit. I had the worst shin splints. I stretched before the race but my months of no running caught up with me. So I decided to start another couch to 5K. I got a great app that I love so far. Interested to see if I like this program better than the one I used before. 
Pic from the race day that prompted another round.