Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Whoa Wednesday

My big news of the day... I put a shoe on my foot. Not a flip flop but a real shoe and it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. There were moments of pain but nothing I couldn't grit my teeth through. So you know me I have to push my limits on things. When Nicole and Jodie wanted to walk after work I said "Sure if I can put a tennis shoe on I am there!" Well I got that shoe on and proceeded to limp around the track with them for 2 miles. I am very proud of myself. We did it in 38:38. Nothing to write home about but they were walking with me. It started hurting a little afterwards but nothing terrible. I am waiting till the morning to see if I irritated it too bad or if I can keep doing more things.
Tonight I went to my trainer, Nina at the gym. I did a 5 minute rowing workout before she got to me. Then I gave her the bad news about my toe. So she had me do 10 minutes throughout the hour workout of this upper body cardio machine. It is like doing cycling with your arms. I did lots of upper body circuits and probably will be feeling it tomorrow since when we were done my muscles were jumping all over the place. I have an appointment to see Nina on Monday and Wednesday next week so we will see how that goes.
On another note I ate really well today.
Breakfast - Breakfast Bar w/ diet coke
Snack - Protein shake
Lunch - Weight Watches frozen meal
Dinner - Salad and a piece of turkey jerky
Snack - Protein water and another piece of turkey jerky
Also I must note my steps for the week so far.
Monday - 6081
Tuesday -6100
Wednesday- 13329
Not too bad for a gimp with a broken toe...

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