Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Wednesday Update

No workout on Tuesday cause I found out I had pink eye. Yep eye started getting goopy Monday night so I started medicating right away and was confirmed by the doc next morning. So I didn't think the swim would be a good idea. 
Moved up my appointment with Nina from Thursday to tonight. Worked out really hard. I did 3 circuits= total body. I did leg press, flies with tubing, leg extension, tubing squat walks, situps and several rounds on the elliptical. Overall it was a really good workout. 
Now I just have to get the Tri workout done. I am behind on that part. So I am switching my rest day to Tuesday and will tri to do my bike jog combo tomorrow and my swim and jog on friday. I think that will make up for what I have missed so far. I just need to make sure it all gets done. 
Getting really nervous. At this point I was thinking I should sit down and take stock and plan for next year's race season. Get some goal races and come up with some training plans. 


Jess said...

Oh yuck pink eye! Definitely a good plan not to swim with that!

Marcy said...

Oy. Pink eye STINKS!! Let's hope that clears up ASAP!

Viv said...

Hope the eye has been healing well. I am glad you were safe from the storm. Get that tri plan in gear chickie pun intended. You are off the hook for hi-fi this year only next year we are doing the oly on it together :-)

ThickChick said...

Wowzah, impressed with the workout schedule!

S Lee said...

Pink eye is the worst!!!