Thursday, September 4, 2008

Where did it come from?

A mystery and I know how everyone loves a mystery. Ok so over the past couple I have lost about 7-8lbs and am working on more. I am excited about those lbs and happy to say that I am down a total of 10 since Viv's challenge that was back in June. The mystery part comes in with the measurements. My trainer measured me when I started working with her in May and then she measured me again the other night. So when I jumped on the band wagon with my buds and the WOE (Way of Eating: For more info on that check out Jodie's blog.) I did my measurements after the first week. Barely any change from my month previous measurements... I mean numbers almost exactly the same. So I went back to look at what the trainer had me down measuring. The only place I have a significant loss of inches....
You would think my booty right (Nope!) Even though I do have enough junk in my trunk.
So then you might think my chest (Nope!) Usually the first place I lose and the last place I need to lose.
My big loss of inches... MY NECK! How weird is that.
So the mystery is where did those 7-8lbs come from. I can't imagine them coming all off of my neck. I guess places I am not ears, my fingers and toes, my forearms. Wouldn't it be nice if you could will the extra poundage to actually come of the really visible places first. Like my ghetto booty and spare tire. Oh well. I have a new and improved neck!


Marcy said...

You're neck?!?! Really?!? Hey, at least it's inches off right? LOL

J~Mom said...

I usually lose in the...the...chest area first. ;>) SIGH!!!! Great work!!

Jodie said...

I'm with ta-ta's start shrinking right away. Don't really mind that cause I have some extra to lose.

Guess for now, you're going to have to start buying smaller

Keep cracking. You'll see it every where else in no time.