Thursday, October 30, 2008

Wow...Been A Few

Sorry I haven't posted too much lately. Things have been crazy. Work has gotten a lot more hectic with more projects. My schedule has been all upside down and this week has really taken it out of me. 
My hubby has been on crutches all week with what he thought was just a foot flare up. Went to the podiatrist today and found out he has a fractured ankle with a floating bone fragment. Prolly have to have surgery, but lets hope not. Then my father has had a rough week which started with an elective stress test and ended up with a quadruple bypass today. All went super duper great!!! and my sister and I are headed up for a quick visit this weekend. So as you can see it has been a wild one and to put icing on the cake I woke up this morning with a terrible migraine. When it rains it pours. On a lighter note though all is well and I really can't complain.

Finished up Halloween treats tonight for my little guys party tomorrow. Yay!!!

I got a great idea from JavaMom in my comments about my birthday and things I wanted to get done before then. She suggested the B-Fit Birthday Challenge. I am seriously considering it. I do think it would be good to have a goal to get my butt back in the gym/exercise routine. I have been such a slacker lately and it really shows in Viv's Weight Loss Challenge. I am working on my eating and most days it is going pretty well. I know my activity has been way down though. 

On a really great note my buddy Josh finished his first triathlon recently and also won the first timers essay competition. As soon as they post it to the web I will put it out to you. He really has an inspiring story. 

Hope all of you have a very Happy Halloween and a wonderful weekend!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

54 Days and Counting

I have 54 days till my next birthday. The only reason I know this is that I have a countdown function on my computer with lots of events counting down on it. There are so many things I want to do before those 54 days are up. Trying to stay positive about getting things accomplished. Need to make a formal list and try to check as many things off as possible in that amount of time. If you have any ideas of great things I should add to my list let me know. 

Monday, October 13, 2008

Tagged too!

So I got tagged by Jodie! Here goes 6 random things about me. 
1. I don't do peanut butter, grape juice or coffee. Peanut butter makes me ill, grape juice makes me remember being ill and coffee I have just never tried. 
2. I was the first person in my high school to be on both the danceline and a member of the band at the same time. One time at band camp.... I am a band geek. I was even the leader of them my senior year (Drum Major).
3. My sister and I have the same birthday! I was 3 weeks late, she was 2 weeks early. We are two years apart.
4. I am addicted to Forensic Files. I could watch it all the time. Actually give me an forensic show and I am hooked.
5. I was a fish when I was a kid. I could swim 60 yards underwater holding my breath. I also won 2nd place in the 100 meter Breaststroke at the State Championship. 
6. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday!

Ok that was really hard.... I guess I need to spend more time filling out those myspace surveys. Alright now people to tag. Most of the people I know have already done this sooooo....

Thursday, October 9, 2008

What's up?

So what's up with me you ask. Well lets see. This week I spent Sunday hanging out with the family. Woke up from a nap with my son with the worst knee pain ever. Even had to take some Vicodin to help me get it bearable enough to sleep at 3am. 

Made it to work Monday for most of the day but had to leave early to get the good Doctor to work on my knee. Still hurt when I left but much better. Had to cancel my appt. with Nina my trainer for Monday night. I offered to go in and do upper body but she reminded me their are stairs and so I bowed out gracefully. 

Tuesday the knee felt soooo much better. Still some pain but no where near like it was before. At this point I realized there would be no race for me this coming weekend. Talked to my bud Josh and broke the news, but told him I would make the best cheering squad ever. I am soooo proud of him. If you get a chance check out his before and after pics here. He is down 130.2lbs since January 2007. Now he is about to do his first Tri! 

Wednesday knee much better except on the stairs. Long day of work making up for hours on Monday and Tuesday. After work my little guy and I spent the evening running errands. 

Thursday the knee is much better. Worked another long one and then hurried home to change for the gym. Met with Nina and we did a nice little circuit of mostly abs and core. Knee was a little tender to the touch so I am curious to see how it holds up tomorrow. After my workout went to the grocery store and saw a very interesting cover story on Woman's World. As most of you know there is a whole crew doing the WOE (way of eating) from this great book Crack the Fat Loss Code. It was featured in the Oct. 13th issue. A sample menu, great info and success stories. Even more proof it really works. All the people I know who have tried it are having great success. On another weight loss note for today I signed up for Viv's Marathon Season Independence Weight Loss Challenge . I am looking forward to it. Check it out if you get a chance. And again Happy Birthday Viv!!! 

Looking forward to Friday and this weekend!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Ode to my pedometer!

Today I have walked 5,355 steps, yesterday I eeked out 8,234 and the day before a whopping 14,735. How do I know this? I have a small, pager-sized gizmo clipped to my belt, close to my hip. It adds one to the count with each time my foot steps one in front of the other. It is my pedometer. 
So very sad. Yesterday my pedometer decided to die. I believe it only needs a new battery but getting me to the store these days is pretty tough. I have been wearing my pedometer religiously for 7 months. It helps me to get my butt moving on the days when my step count is low. I almost feel naked without it. I already miss it. Guess I will need to get off my duff and go get a new battery to try to revive my good friend. It is worn from wear and use like anything you always use. That just shows how much I love the thing. Searching online I found a link that says Thomas Jefferson invented the pedometer. Just a bit of trivia for you all. 
For those interested here is the info on my good friend.
I own the Omron HJ-112... This advanced design lets you wear it on your belt or carry it in your pocket, clip it to your bra, or wear it anywhere it is perpendicular to the ground. It counts steps, calculates distance and calories burned. It also tracks aerobic steps separately when walking or jogging more than 60 steps per minute or more than 10 minutes continuously. It has a 7-day memory. It is absolutely silent- no clicking or rattling. It comes with a security leash to ensure you don't lose it. It is top rated for accuracy by a consumer magazine.
So go out and get one!!! My sales pitch is over. Enjoy your steps today!