Tuesday, July 1, 2008

My Own Ladder

Tonight I decided I would do 3 miles on the treadmill. Nothing major right. So when walking the first mile I decide I am going to try to get faster with each mile. Sort of like climbing a ladder. So the first mile I complete was a 20 min mile, the next one was a 17 min mile, and the last one....are you ready for this 12.45. I did each one faster than the previous and I smoked the last one. Well atleast for my non-runner self I smoked it. Total I ended up doing 3.2 miles just to make sure I got my 5K in.
I weigh my final time for Viv's challenge tomorrow. I didn't get to do it this morning. Not sure what the scale will say but I am very happy with the progress that I have made this month especially with a broken toe, a virus and a vacation. I had a lot to overcome and I believe that for myself I did a pretty good job. I didn't/wont win the challenge but I wont mind buying Jodie her mani/pedi for doing such a great job. I am really proud of all of us. Nicole, Jodie and I had a wonderful month. Now we just have to keep up the momentum!

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Viv said...

Great job! You did really well on the challenge. Awesome job on the negative splits!