Saturday, December 20, 2008

Surgery for the Holidays!

On Thursday, December 18th my hubby went in to surgery to repair his ankle. Here is a real quick run down of what they did (if you don't like details skip this part)... They went in with a scope and cleaned out bone spurs, removed LOTS of cartilage, repaired damage from an old fracture, drilled several holes in the bone to promote new repaired tissue growth, reattached some floating bone and the ligaments that went with it, removed some arthritic spots and drained a cyst and put in a cortisone shot for good measure. Lets just say they had their work cut out for them. 
Overall all went well. It took longer than they thought and their was more damage than expected. He was very dizzy and nauseated after the surgery. He has to stay pretty much laid up with his foot elevated for 14 days. He got this great machine that pumps cold water around the area instead of using ice packs. I love it, except for refilling the ice all the time. He is in a soft cast for now. He has his follow up on Tuesday so hopefully that will go well and he will be able to move on to rehab. For his surgery part of what they did you don't want to move the foot and part of the procedure you want to move it right away, so there will be a balance between the two that I hope will go well. And as most of you know my workaholic hubby is set to return to work on the 29th. 
On a personal note my orthotics are great. I have been ramping up the length I wear them and so far I have had no issues. Now I just need to start aerobic exercise in them.


fit lil fiddle said...

Wow that sounds painful for hubby ! I do hope he heals up quickly! That machine sounds pretty neat!!!

Are the orthotics to helps your knees, back etc? Take good care of yourself and hubby.

Viv said...

I hope the hubby is recovering well. I am glad the orthotics are working out thus far and allow u to run well soon.