Tuesday, August 26, 2008


When I showed up for my appointment with my personal trainer last night she had a tape measure waiting for me. I was curious to see how much I have lost so far. I am currently down 5.1" and 1.5% body fat. As always I was hoping for more but hey a loss or decrease in size is awesome. Now I just want to continue to melt away. We had a nice workout last night. We raced eachother on the rowing machines twice and I won. I believe it is because I do them more often than she does. She gave me a ton of nutrition info last night for me to read and review. From skimming over it I think it will be very helpful.
After my workout I went shopping for groceries. Bought lots of veggies. Then I went home to cook up a storm and pack lunches. Fun fun. I did get it all done though. So I am off and running for the day.
On another note my buddy and I missed the deadline for signing up for the Try Andy's Tri at the end of October. I am pretty bummed about it but I knew it filled up early and I just kept putting it off to see if my training would get any better. My buddy wants to wait at the store the day before to see if we can buy some packets that don't get picked up. Not sure work wise if I will be able to get away with that one. Unless it falls on one of our Fridays off. There is the Hi Fi Tri a couple of weeks later, but I am not sure that I am ready or could be ready for that one at this point. It is an open water swim, which I have not done before and it is double the bike ride that I am used to doing. Oh and there is a run at the end. So even though the lure of racing with and meeting Viv is a great motivator I just don't know if it is the smart thing to do. On top of all that my hubby will be out of town that weekend so I would have to find someone to watch the little guy. I haven't totally ruled out doing it yet.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Not much!

Not much to report on this end. Last week I went to see my trainer on both Monday and Wednesday. I did go walking/jogging on a couple days last week. Pushup Challenge is starting week 3 this week. Diet was alrignt last week. Spent most of my days in training at work which made keeping on a food schedule pretty difficult. This weekend we went back home to Louisiana to visit family and friends. It was very nice to see and hang out with everyone.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Monday..Starting the Week Off Right

So Monday... a good reason for a fresh start. Went to my trainer this evening. Worked out super hard. She did tell me that she consulted one of her physician friends about me. lol. I am always the "I have this client.... " person. He said that I should stop running. It was bad for my knees. I have a weird setup. When I stand with my feet facing forward my knees point inward. To get my knees to face forward I have to stand with my feet pointed outward. 
Ok here is a test. Stand with your feet pointed straight out to the side(_| |_), like you were going to do a plie. Now do a plie... bend your knees. Do your knees go out? And is there a big gap in between your knees (_<>_). Well when I do this I can bend my knees straight forward touching with no gap. Try that... It isn't easy. Ok enough about my jacked up knees. 
I did a little walking and a little rowing prior to my workout today so I got some cardio in as well as all the strength and stretching. I also did pretty well on my diet today. So no complaints on this fresh start Monday. I am about to go start week 2 of the pushups challenge. Wish me luck!

Thursday, August 14, 2008


So yesterday didn't turn out as planned. I had to miss my appointment with the trainer for my son. So yesterday evening him and I took a jog/walk around the neighborhood. I was pleasantly surpised by how much he ran... and how fast. We didn't go very long cause it was getting dark, but we went for about a mile. Then after he was sound asleep later in the evening I put in a SHAPE dvd and did a little areobic living room exercise. I also continued with my pushup challenge week 1. I had to start over. I like to do my pushups on M,W,F but my trainer likes to have me do tons of plank holds on those days so by the time I get to the pushups my arms are jello so I just put them off and end up not doing them. After the pushups last night I realized I need to do them more often. Even though it wasn't what I had on the schedule I did get something done yesterday in the fitness department.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Need to Tri Hard

This week my goal is to sign up for the Triathlon(s) at the end of October and redo my training schedule. If I am going to compete I need to start increasing my effort. I have been to the gym this week. Yay! I have not however done as much as I would like or is that as much as I should.

Have been doing a better job watching what I have been eating. For the Worth the Weight Challenge this past week I was down 3lbs. That gave me a wopping 1.33% and I am in the 9th spot out of 24. A nice place in the middle of the pack in which to focus on losing for the next week. I really am not in it to win, although that would be nice. I just want to shed some of my extra pounds around the middle before it is time to compete in the Tri.

Been spending most of my evenings lately watching the Olympics like everyone else. Love the swimming! It really makes me miss competition and if I could find a Master's swim club in my area I would be all about it. Love to swim but am not that great at practicing alone. I can swim the laps but there is nothing like a long hard practice when there are people to race and push you along. I really can't believe there is not a club in my area but alas I have not found one. There are running clubs and biking clubs and lots of people in the area compete in Tri's, so you think there would be a swim group. Well for now I will just have to keep watching Phelps win gold and dream of competitive swimming.

Monday, August 11, 2008


Last week was pretty slow. I worked out with my trainer, but not much else. It was a SUPER busy week. I am going to the gym tonight. I started the Worth the Weight Loss Challenge for the month of August. I am down 3lbs. These are three of the pounds that I gained back in July from the last challenge in June. My goal for the month is 10-15lbs. I believe it is an achievable goal if I actually get off my duff and workout and then watch what I eat. I mean not watch the junk food go into my mouth, but make sure that I put down the healthy stuff. This week I am going to sign up for my triathlon(s) in October. My goal for this Fall is to actually shed about 35-40 lbs. That means I need to do some serious work.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Maribelles 5K

Decided after my experience with the Lunar run that I would start off walking. I had stretched pretty well before the race started... or at least I thought I did. I didn't even get to the 1/2 mile point and my shins were on fire. Not as bad as the previous race but still having to tell myself with each step to just keep going. This race was different than the Lunar in a few ways. 1) A crew of friends doing it too 2) Very nice scenery along the water. Overall I would say it was a good race. After the first mile my legs stopped cramping and I was able to jog/walk the rest of the way. I have to give out a HUGE "thank you!" to Sadie who even though she really is a runner and could lap me in a second stayed by my side and walked/jogged me through the whole thing. Also a big "Way to Go!!" for Jodie who had an awesome race and Kim and Nicole who I kept watching get farther in front of me in the first mile and tried to catch the rest of the way. These ladies all did AWESOME! I am just glad we survived the heat. I can only say that last mile was Super hot and there was no breeze coming off that water. I do have to report that my time was 5 minutes faster than my slow time from two weeks before..lol. So even though I am still not breaking any records in the run department I did reach my goal of bettering my time. If I could just keep dropping 5 minutes every race I could be a true runner in say....4-5 more races. I believe next race I really will do some distance before the race to get my shin splints worked out before the race starts. I only have one thing to say, "Running on a treadmill is a piece of cake on my shins compared to these outdoor events."