Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Wednesday.... Please be over soon....

Can I just tell you I woke up with the worst migraine this morning. It is better but still killing me. Let's just say I have had a rough morning. Everything took longer than it should. I just want to crawl back in bed with the covers over my head. I still haven't packed for our trip. We leave tonight and I am so not ready.
Ok back to things you want to read about. On the working out front I met with my trainer last night and did an abs and butt workout. So today I wont be able to sit or stand without discomfort. I also did two slow miles yesterday. I need to get my training back on track so I started last night. Now that my toe is almost healed I believe I can get back to working out more often. Who would have thought a little toe could cause so much trouble.
On the scale this morning still down. I am still down 8 lbs from last presickness weight. I am so curious to see what the scale will tell me next Monday when I get back from my trip. Hopefully it will be good news. Oh before I forget... Congrats to Jodie #1 (4.7%)on the weight loss challenge overall for week #2!!!! I didn't do too shabby myself. I came in at a respectable #5 (3.96%)overall out of 59 people. Now the challenge will be can we stay near the top.

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