Friday, May 16, 2008

Thankful it is FRIDAY!

Went to the gym last night, but not to workout. I signed up for more sessions with my trainer Nina. She kicks my butt atleast once a week so I decided that I would let her keep doing it. I have gotten great exercise tips that I can do at home and she is very good about correcting my posture and position while I am working out. She actually knows her stuff and talks to me on an even level. Most trainers I have dealt with in the past talk down to you and there is nothing I hate worse than being talked to like I don’t know anything.

My hip is almost all better. So even though I am feeling like a slob for not working out much this week my hip joint seems to be recovering nicely. I plan to ramp up the workouts pretty hard next week. I have another triathlon I want to do in 8 weeks, so I better get busy.

I am making a confession to the world. My biggest problem is I LIKE FOOD. I like food when I am lazy, I like food when I am bored, I like food when I am busy, I like food when I am active, I like food when I am happy and I like food when I am sad, I like food with friends, I like food just sitting alone, and I especially like food when I AM STRESSED. Lets just say that there has been a lot of stress in my life for almost the last year and you can really see it on my waistline.

Before I go today I want to give a special “Thank You!” to Jodie for this really cool new layout. “ You Rock!”

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Jodie said...

You're blog is SO cute.

And just so you know, we all LOVE food. LOVE IT. We were raised that way.

Fun about the trainer. I'm all for doing what works. (I still wish you were at our gym!) And glad to hear your hip is doing better.

Y'all have fun this weekend!