Monday, June 23, 2008


The start of a brand new week. This morning I weighed-in for the challenge since I was away yesterday. I was down 1 lb. I was just glad I was not up a whole bunch from last week when I was sick and from being on vacation. Total for the Challenge so far I am down 10lbs. That was my goal for the whole 4 weeks. I have now reached it in 3. Pretty unbelievable.

This is my Triathlon Plan for the week mixed with my 1/2 Marathon plan
Monday—2 miles RUN, 20 min BIKE
Wednesday—45 min BIKE followed by 15 min jog/walk (1 hour total) - TRAINER DAY
Friday—40 min jog straight
Saturday—70 min bike straight, 20 laps of swimming optional
Sunday—15 min jog (middle 5 minutes faster), 5 minute walk x 3 (45 min total of jogging)

So far I am doing well. Tonight I did 1 mile in 15min. That is mostly jogging at 4mph with 3 one min walks at 3mph and a little 4.5mph in the last minute. Then I walked between 3-3.5mph for another half mile. Didn't finish two but I needed to get home. Before the run I did 20 minutes on the stationary bike at level 7-10 which gave me a total of 7 miles.

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