Monday, July 7, 2008

The 4th etc.

So much going on recently I don't know where to begin and I am sure that I will forget to mention something.
June is finished and July is here. Finished the Independence Weight Loss Challenge and lost a total of 10.5 lbs. I was 6th overall and scored two awesome pairs of Wigwam socks. I am so excited to try the socks. I love a good pair of socks. Jodie was 2nd overall. She kicked some serious butt. I know that she is low key about the whole thing but she worked really hard and did a super job. Nicole even though she wasn't in the challenge has been a real inspiration throughout. Her weight is just melting off and she is keeping it real. They have been a real rock to motivate me this last month. Also serious kudos to Viv for putting on an awesome challenge.

For the 4th we stayed close to home. We usually travel, but this year we decided we needed some time at home. We went to Jodie's for the 4th and had some awesome food. Over the holiday weekend I did a lot of eating out. I know my weight will be up this week from all of the food I enjoyed last week, but I am back on track this week. Between all of the events, my son being in quite a mood, and my mother visiting I didn't get a lot of working out done over the last couple of days. On one day I did get a 7 mile ride and a mile jog in but I don't remember whether that was Thursday or Friday. lol

One of the big highlights of my weekend was finally going out shopping for my new Tri Bike. After I raced in April I had come to the conclusion that I needed a new set of wheels. Love my hybrid Mountain bike but when people were zooming by me in the race and I was pumping my little legs harder than they were I knew it was time to move up to a faster set of wheels. I tried out 6 different bikes this weekend. I usually shop by color so actually shopping and not looking at the color was very hard. One of the cutest bikes was also the most uncomfortable. I settled on a Trek 2.1. I fell in love with the gear shifting... I usually go for black and red but this pretty silver and blue combo gives me a new reason to shop for accessories. The most amusing part of the trip to the bike store was my hubby and the sales guy talking me in to a set of clips and shoes. I know one day I will thank them, but right now having that new bike in my garage and not being able to just jump right on and ride off into the sunset is killer. I need to practice "clip in, clip out" until I am comfortable before I take my beauty out on the road or I could end up black and blue.

This week we start our next leg of the Friends challenge. It ends the end of the month which happens to be Jodie's anniversary. We are challenging ourselves to meet our own personal goal. So it is the percentage of your own goal that you reach. My goal for this month is 8 lbs. I am also going to do the 100 pushup challenge with Jodie & Nicole. I have also added some new events to my schedule. I am looking forward to a great month!

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