Sunday, June 1, 2008

Ohhhh My Aching Toe!

Had a few friends over to the house last night to celebrate the new job I start tomorrow. Before the gathering really got under way I was looking for straws in the pantry when a bottle of apple cider vinegar fell from the top shelf and landed on my second toe. All I can say is "Wow the pain" It hurts to put pressure on my foot. I get a shooting pain up the leg when anything touches that toe. So I limped around for the rest of the evening.
I had such grand plans for this week. I just started a weight loss challenge with some friends for 30 days and they will have about a week up on me. My doctor took some x-rays. Beautiful portraits of my foot. I wanted to frame them they came out so well. The damage was at the tip of the toe near the nail. Nothing that will hinder a complete recovery or warrants surgery but I will have a rough week of recovery. It was suggested that I immerse my foot in ice water.....oooch. So tonight I am going to take one of the ice chests from last night and put my foot in the leftover ice. I hate soaking anything in ice.
So here is to a week of not too much cardio going on here.

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