Thursday, July 17, 2008

Knee Pain and a Pain in the A#%

Tuesday night my knee was killing me. I had the good doctor give me an acupuncture treatment, I soaked it in mineral salts and then put an ice pack on it. Woke up today better but still in pain. Had the good doctor give me another acupuncture treatment and was off to work. It started to feel better except walking up and down stairs. Ouch! After work I went by and got the good doctor to tape my knee before going to meet with the trainer. Boy did that help...hardly noticed the knee. It felt so much better.

On my schedule I was supposed to do 3 miles on the treadmill but with the knee I opted for 1 mile moderate walk while waiting for my turn with Nina. Didn't feel as bad as I was expecting. Nina had me work lots of upper body in prep for my 100 pushup challenge. She also helped me stretch out my leg muscles. (Thank you!!!)

Tonight after getting home from the gym the hubby and I set up the new bike trainer in the garage. Note: Our garage is as hot as Hades. The bike trainer is wonderful. It is quiet and an easy ride. If my arms weren't killing me from plank pushup hold and it wasn't so hot I probably would have enjoyed the ride more. Altogether I probably rode about 20 min. I believe for my knee getting the clips was a good thing. It helps me stay in the correct position. My feet don't care for them too much yet.

Now for the pain in the Booty part of my evening. Went to meet the trainer for 8pm. I drive up to the gym and start looking in my purse for my id card. Can't find it. It dawns on me that I left it in my swim bag at home. Instead of driving back home and being late I think...."They have a computer system I am sure they can just look me up and by now someone will recognize me right!" Get to the front desk it isn't one of the people I recognize. She holds out her hand for my card and I politely tell her I left it at home. She looks bothered. I tell her my first and last name. She spells both wrong and has to go back to retype them. Now she looks really bothered. She enters me and I say Thank you! She says to me in the most condescending tone "I would appreciate it if in the future you remember your card and also you need to bring a towel too!" At that point I wanted to jump over the desk and strangle her. Like I forgot my card on purpose just to ruin her day and if I didn't have an appointment with the trainer I probably would have drove home to go get it. I wanted to just walk out of there. Maybe I am overreacting but I don't need to be talked to by a teenager like I am a 2 year old. I realize I forgot my card. Now for the fun part this is a poll.... Should I bring her absolutely rude behavior up to gym management or just forget it.


Viv said...

First off glad the knee is better. I just did the salts bath for my calf and no miracle yet :-(
I can't believe you would have driven back for the card if not appt. That lil homegirl has got to deal with it better. I am passive at times and would let it roll, but then at times you start thinking about it and it chaps you up. Toss up for me. LOL! I bought a trainer on craigslist and just stare at it. i have no clue how to set it up.

Jodie said...

LOL - oh know, I think Nicole and I are rubbing off on you. You're always the pleasant one. That being did totally ruin her $7 an hour day. How could you?! LOL.

Hope you knee is better. You sure are lucky to have such a great Doc around, huh.