Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Wednesday 5-21-08

I am so glad that I signed up with the trainer so at least one day a week I have to do something. Monday my son had an ear gym. Tuesday... hubby worked late and I was lazy...Wednesday...trainer kicked my butt.... Thursday...will do it on my own...Friday through Monday...enjoying my break....
Tonight I got a total body workout for an hour with the trainer. We did several different circuits. I will probably be sore tomorrow. Then after she finished beating me up I went and did a mile on the treadmill. I know that isn't much but I haven't been moving my butt much lately so I am happy that I got any cardio in. Oh and I had Mexican food before I met with the trainer.
Jodie I am not sure if this is the power of suggestion or just coincidence I sweat my butt off tonight. It seemed like so much more than usual. I thought of your blog while I made good use of my towel.


Glass Princess said...

Yay you too!
Don't you feel great after a workout? My arms are killing me from yesterday and I love the feeling.

RedDaisy said...

Don't 'sweat' it about 'just' doing a mile. That's a mile myself and others didn't do today. YAY YOU!! BTW...thanks for the thank you note. Can't wait for you to join us in a little over a week.

Jodie said...

Good job on the workout, especially after we ate mexican, although I know Maddox, Landon and I were doing much more eating than you.

Can't wait til you guys get there tomorrow! Woo Hoo - early Saturday fishing!