Friday, June 13, 2008

Back to LA

This weekend we are going to Louisiana for some family functions. Tomorrow we will be attending my aunt and uncle's 50th wedding anniversary party. On Sunday we will be having a Father's Day BBQ at my brother-in-law's house. So all weekend will be temptation in the food department and not much opportunity to workout. I will bring my running shoes and try to get some movement in. I am very worried about the weigh-in on Monday. Maybe that will keep me in check over the weekend. Boy I hope so!

I am really looking forward to losing 20 lbs now. The other day I told Jodie that when I lost 20 lbs she could come shopping with me for new outfits. Note to Jodie: I need cute clothes in my closet and you need to shop so....... help me take off that 20 real fast!

Depending on how Maddox's day went I might try taking him to the gym tonight so that I can get some cardio done before we leave in the morning. One of my goals this weekend is to take some time and really plan out my diet and excercise for the upcoming week. Since we will be headed out of town next Wednesday night for several days in San Antonio. Another reason I have to be good this weekend.... I have a formal to attend next Saturday night. Need to be able to fit in my dress. Note to self: Go home and try on dress.. you may not be able to eat again until after next Saturday night.

Have a great weekend!


Jodie said...

Yay to shopping! Be sure to drink lots...of water this weekend. That'll help you stay full and eat less.

Next week, in SA, you'll be doing lots of walking, so that will help. It'll be interesting to see what your pedometer says over there.

Have a great weekend!

Glass Princess said...

Mel- I'm all about cooking and freezing, so if you want to get together one night next week and do that, I'm in! I need to sit down and plan as well. Let me know if you come across any good recipes!