Thursday, April 24, 2008

Deep Thoughts before the Race

This morning I spent some time looking up lists of what gear I need to pack. I also looked over some tips of how to lay out your transition area. While doing this I started to remember how my first triathlon went by in a flurry. I tried to think of all the things that went well and all of the things that I would have liked to have done differently. Hopefully this exercise of the brain will prove productive. I know for sure this time I will not go for speed over comfort in foregoing socks. BIG MISTAKE.. from the first race. I had horrible blisters afterwards. I was just in such a mad rush the first race trying to get to the next part of the race I think my brain shut down. The only problem with all of this thinking and planning is that I am getting more nervous by the second. Things racing through my brain right now: “When will I find time to put on my new cushy gel seat cover for my bike since I wont see my bike till right before the race?” “Is the time I entered for the swim too slow or too fast?’ “Will I be able to handle jogging/walking outside on the pavement?’ “Will I finish last?” “Did I put in enough hard work and effort into training for this event?”

If you read my blog take a second to post me a comment today! I need it… You know words of encouragement, tips, reasons why I am crazy for doing this, whatever you want. I want to hear from whoever reads this thing.


S Lee said...

Nerves are OK. they are what keep you sharp. Once you start going it will be over in a flash and you will have an amazing story to tell.

Jodie said...

You're going to do great. It's the first of many for this season. Have fun and enjoy it. By October, we'll be laughing at how nervous we were this week.

Good luck this weekend!

RedDaisy said...'s sandy. I found you via Jodie's blog. I think you have the right mindset in regards to going for comfort and familiarity instead of balls to the wall speed. Get a couple of these under your belt then amp it up. Good luck this weekend, I will be thinking about you.

Glass Princess said...

You go girl! You are going to have a great race, you've worked hard for it! Can't wait to hear stories. Good luck! -Nic