Friday, April 11, 2008


I will do better today and actually get some training done. Ok so far this week I am behind a 24 lap swim, 45 min bike followed by 15 min jog/walk and another 40 min jog straight. Hmmmm the possibilities. I believe that I will try for the 45 min bike and try to make it a 45 min jog afterward. That way I will only be behind the 24 lap swim and a 10 min jog. This might be a loft goal cause I will have to wait till my husband gets home or try to take Maddox to the gym which I don't think will happen. I am thinking this will be a late evening workout.

I did it. I did a 40 minute bike which took me 13 miles. I did the hill set-up on resistance between 8-10. Then I jumped on the treadmill and did 2 miles in 36 minutes. I did 40 minutes total including cool down. I know that 2 miles in 36 minutes is slow for most of you but remember I am just starting out and I had just finished 13 miles on the bike. Not bad for a former athletic type who is now more round than athletic. I am working my way back to that athletic bod... one step at a time.

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