Friday, April 25, 2008

The Day Before

Am I stressing? Just a little. Got most of my gear together for the race tomorrow. This afternoon when I get home from work I will go through it all with my list one last time to make sure I have all of the essentials. Haven’t packed anything for the rest of the weekend or for my son yet. So I still have a good deal of packing to do. Just took the last dose of my Z-pack for my sore throat. Getting ready to load the borrowed Ipod shuffle with some music incase they will let me use it during the run. Hopefully they will, as that would really help the run to go faster. You know something else to concentrate on besides the pounding of feet, the pain of the legs and the shortness of breath. I am still going to try to run by Academy this afternoon to exchange a shirt I bought the other night and pick up a couple of other things. Don’t know if I will make it but I am going to try. Just seems like there is so much to do before I head out this evening. I probably wont leave till about 8 or so. The puts me getting to LA at around 11pm. I am shooting to get up tomorrow morning around 5am. It takes 30 minutes to get to the race site and I need to go get my bike in Eunice, put on the new seat cover and air up my tires. Registration / Packet pick-up starts at 6:30 and the race starts at 8am. If I get up at 5am I should get there in plenty of time and get everything ready. Then hopefully an hour and 20 minutes later I will be crossing the finish line.

Oh by the way I didn’t do any type of exercise yesterday unless you count cleaning the house. I was just too tired so I took a nap. I thought I better get some rest before the race cause I know I probably wont sleep well tonight.
On a totally side note… Got a fortune cookie yesterday. Here is what it said, “From the floors of the ocean, the waves of the tide, a vacation awaits you far & wide.” I am so ready for a vacation. Sounds like there will be water, sandy beaches and fruity drinks in my future. Something to think about other than the race!

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