Monday, July 8, 2013

To Tri or Not To Tri...That Is The Question!

There is a triathlon at the end of October that I am seriously thinking of entering. It has been 4 years I believe since my last triathlon and that one was really hard. If I decide to sign up for the one in October I will have 15 weeks of training. Not sure that is enough. Right now I would consider myself slightly above couch potato but not by much. I have been trying to get more active. I have swam a few times lately and although it isn't pretty with atleast 1-2 sessions per week I am sure that I can knock out the 400 meter swim no problem. On the bike front I have gone on a couple of short rides with my son and it feels good to be on the bike. I just recently got my hybrid bike serviced so it is in shape to train. I plan to do a lot of my riding on it and build up to riding my road bike on the trainer for a while. It has been forever since I used my clips I want to get comfortable on them. My biggest fear is falling with the clips. Running was going really well the first part of the year and then life happened and it got hot here and I have had zero desire to run in the heat but I need to start up again. The running is by far my weakest part of the triathlon. Anyone got any good running tips for a non runner? Questions to ponder - If you were me would you do it? Anyone have any clip tips? What is a good running program for a non-runner? Anyone want to train with me virtually?

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