Thursday, July 25, 2013

Finished My Run

I usually run at night. I am a night owl and I usually wait till it cools off a little and the kids have gone to bed. I was supposed to run last night but that didn't happen so I moved my run to this evening. Nothing out of the ordinary I had 35 min run/walk on the plan. I was about 18 minutes into my run walk around the neighborhood school which is well lit when I noticed down the back of the school someone standing in one of the doorways on the back side of the school. I thought about calling off my run right there but then I realized I have had to cut short my run every time lately due to something and I wanted to finish. I kept a close eye on where the person was and made sure to stay well away from that area just in case the person was up to no good. It was a hard run in the heat and humidity but it is done. I finished the run.

Have you ever been scared while running or working out late?
Do you carry protection or run with a partner?

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