Wednesday, July 10, 2013

My Plan for Week 1 of 15

If I am going to do this race in October here is what my plan is for this week. SWIM - I have moved all of my swimming to the weekends so that it has a shot at getting done. I am not as worried about the swim as the other parts of the race so even if I just swim once a week I will feel pretty good about being able to cover the distance needed. In order to race I have to swim 400 meters which is 12 laps of a 25 meter pool. My goal is to build up to a 600-800 meter swim so that way I am covered. So far I have done a 200 meter swim in the pool but that wasn’t serious training. SWIM SCHEDULE - SAT & SUN - Warm Up 100 meters - 400 meters Freestyle - Cool Down 100 meters. BIKE - Now that I have the trailer all ready to go and a daughter that doesn’t mind riding in it the bike part should be easier. I am also going to set up the bike trainer in the garage. I am thinking that the bike will be the easiest part of the training to complete. We shall see. BIKE SCHEDULE - TUES & FRI - 6 miles SUN - 10 miles RUN - The run this is where I will need all of my willpower. I am not a huge fan of running. It is getting better bet the Texas heat sure doesn’t make me want to go outside and get my run on! At least it starts out with a nice run/walk. I think that I will be doing a run/walk no matter what. I get a little bit better times believe it or not with that short amount of walk recovery than just my jog plod along without stopping to walk. RUN SCHEDULE - MON & WED - Walk/Jog 35 min (4 min walk/3 min jog) SAT - Walk/Jog 50 min Hope you all have a great week! Questions: Are you training for an upcoming race? Do you have a partner to train with, a group or are you going it alone? What is your favorite exercise?

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