Sunday, July 28, 2013

Hot Water Swimming

This weekend was a total blurr of activity. Saturday on our agenda we had flag football, two birthday parties to attend, and my mom and I went for an afternoon of Murder with Tea (Fun!). It rained Saturday morning so we didn't end up having flag football. The birthday parties were fun and the Murder with Tea was really cool and I will definitely go back. With all of this activity I ran out of time for my bike and swim I had planned but decided I would do better on Sunday. Woke up Sunday with a gnasty headache which kept me in bed most of the morning. My son had a karate tournament in the afternoon that I was not about to miss even with a headache. He did so well. I was so very proud of him. It was the best he has looked so far. After the tournament we decided to go take a dip in the community pool. It was nice at the pool when you first got in, but when I started to swim my laps I realized it was like swimming in a hot tub. It didn't feel good at all. I want to get back to swimming regularly. I swam competitively for 14 years. I stopped in college and have missed it ever since. My son has been improving his swimming all summer. He can almost swim across the 25 yard pool without stopping. My goal for him is once he can swim 2 laps without stopping he can enter some JR. Triathlons and maybe even join a swim team at some point. I am so glad that he and his sister seem to have the love for swimming that I have enjoyed. I am even trying to get my hubby in on the swimming bug. He has been working on his stroke as well. Last night he said to me, " You know when our daughter gets a little older and can seim farther we could do a family relay! Wouldn't that be fun!" I think I am winning him over.

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