Monday, July 8, 2013

First Time In The Trailer

We finally got our bikes all tuned up. My son got a new bike as an early birthday present since he was in desperate need of a new one. Since he learned how to ride without assistance this year he wants to ride all the time now. Bike riding has always been my second love after swimming. So he doesn't have to twist my arm to get me to ride. The only thing usually holding me back is what to do with my two year old daughter. We have a bike trailer that we used when my son was little but the tires were flat and it needed work. In part of our tune up we got the trailer ready to go as well.

Tonight was the big night to try it out. We pulled out the helmets, bikes and the trailer. I assembled the trailer and my daughter was excited to try it out. I was nervous that she wouldn't like it. If she didn't my plans for training while bringing the kids along for some of my rides would be ruined. She thought it was really cool. She asked if it was her bike too. She has a red tricycle. I told her it was not her bike but her carriage. She couldn't quite say the word but she tried. She did let me know when she thought I was going too fast though. She liked the slow leisurely pace best and to repeat everything I told her brother along the way. Overall the ride was a success. Brother was happy to get time on his new wheels and my little lady enjoyed her first ride in the carriage. We only went 2.2 miles but the sun was fading fast and I was worried the trailer and its occupant would turn into pumpkins.

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