Tuesday, January 27, 2009


  • Did Wednesday workout today since I didn't feel like swimming.
  • Eating has been much better so far this week.
  • Not looking forward to weighing in for the week in the morning.
  • Workout tonight 1.25 miles jog/walk, 30 min bike random hill setting 10.3 miles. 
  • Love my Recovery Socks.... AWESOME
  • Batherapy Sport (mineral bath salt) also a big favorite.
  • Trying to workout in the mornings not happening so far.
  • Drinking my water for the day about to shower and call it a night.


Jodie said...

I HAVE to get that bath stuff. I keep forgetting until I'm too sore to go to the store. Maybe I can go by there after work today.

I hear ya on the mornings. Mornings are for sleeping!

Marcy said...

You're the 3rd person that has raved about recovery socks!


I got out of the Am exercise routine myself. I might get back into it as I was told it revs up the metabolism all day.
So what are recovery socks Mel?