Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Cool in the Pool

So my Tuesday workout according to the 12 week plan was a little swimming and a little walking. I tried all day to psyche myself up for this cause it was cold and windy out. Granted I was swimming indoors but who wants to swim when it is cold out. Not me!
So I packed my gynormous bag for all of my swim stuff and after swim stuff. Although I love swimming I hate the prep and time it takes to get it done. I got to the gym just in time to watch the last 20 minutes of the Biggest Loser while walking 20 min on the treadmill instead of the 15 I was supposed to do. Remember I am doing a couch to Tri plan and I am at the very beginning so bare with the minimal times and distance while I ramp up. I have been sitting on my tush for months now. Baby steps!
Everyone in the gym was watching the Biggest Loser. All the treadmills and ellipticals near those TV's were packed. Good motivation!
So after my walk I head down to the pool area. As I am getting in the pool they make an announcement over the loud speaker, "Please for others safety and use of the facility Don't Drop the Weights!" Just as the speaker finishes I hear from above a loud BOOM, CRASH. From that point on all I can think of is the headlines in the Houston Chronicle the next day : "Freak Accident, Woman Killed When Gym Weights Crash through Ceiling Floor into the Pool Below!"
The original 12 week plan had only 6 laps swimming for the day. I want to start slow but if I am going to put forth the effort to get in the pool I am going to make it count. I bumped it up to 24 laps total. I varied my laps with my kick board, paddles, and various stroke combinations. I came to some very real points while swimming: 1) My ghetto booty makes me float too much and alters my stroke. 2) I am not getting any younger and swimming is getting harder. 3) I am SLOW and need a lot more practice. With all of that being said this was the first time I was in the pool since September so all of the above are to be expected.


Glass Princess said...

yay you for swimming! Great job!


Great job on the swimming Mel!!! I am envious~ I can't swim to save my life.

teacherwoman said...

nice job on the swimming!

S Lee said...

What was the loud crash? What happened with the weights.

Al's CL Reviews said...

Nice job!