Sunday, January 4, 2009

Lazy Sunday

I must admit that all I wanted to do today was lay in bed and sleep. I have had a cold/sinus/ear infection and it is really knocking me out. So I will be honest the thought of getting in a workout today was not high on my list. Tonight however after getting back from the grocery store I made my way to the gym. I brought with me a "Try this workout for the treadmill for super fast toning" routine cut out of a Shape mag. It was a 2 hill incline workout. I liked it but I did it at a slower pace overall than was listed. I figure I can work up to the actual suggested speed. I will definitely do that workout again. Overall I did 2.25 miles on the treadmill. My legs were kind of achy when I left the gym so I am curious to see what tomorrow brings for the knees, calves and feet as far as soreness. 
Tomorrow I start my 12 week triathlon training program and 100 pushup challenge. I have not set up any New Years Resolutions, but I do have a few races in mind that I would like to do this year. I also have goals that I have been working on but nothing new. I am just going to continue to work toward those goals.  
I have found exercising with the orthotics is a little more difficult than I first thought. I can really feel the difference. So I am still getting used to them. I will keep you all posted with my progress in getting used to them. 
On the weight front I maintained and lost a little over the holidays but I have put on about 5 since September (Ike) so I am working on taking all that back off. I can't wait to see what 2009 brings, I have a good feeling about this one....
And on the home front my big accomplishment of the weekend.... Cleaning out both of my freezers!!

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Frayed Laces said...

Oh good luck as you start your tri training!