Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Karate - The Booty Kicking Begins

Now we are in to my third week in class. Warmup still killing me. Kicks, kicks and more kicks till I wanted to drop. After warmup we went right in to Kata practice. We finished learning it and how to perfect the 270 degree turn. I did better but still need a lot of work.
Then they let us loose on sparring. I have been blocking my sons moves for years so that part isn't as hard but being on the  offensive just doesn't feel as natural. Maybe it will get easier. I didn't do badly but I didn't do well either. Have to start somewhere right? 
Did I say I am sore? Cause if not I should have, I hurt all over.  This is my after karate sweaty, red, icky, man I worked hard face!

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