Saturday, September 28, 2013

BIG Love Fun Run for Kids with Cancer

Last year was our first time doing the BIG Love Fun Run.
My son and I ran it in the rain. I was terribly out of shape but I wouldn't have missed it for anything. It was a special event because one of my high school friends had recently lost his son to cancer. We ran in his honor. His name is Aidan and he was a very special young man for bringing so many people together. If you would like to read more about Aidan's story and his amazing parents go to Angels for Aidan. or follow them on Facebook. There story although sad has bright spots such as the recent birth of a new member of their family a little girl named after her brother. They have also started a comfort cart at Texas Children's hospital to aid the families in the in same situation they were not too long ago. So today we participated in our second BIG Love Fun Run in honor of sweet Aidan!
This year my better half was out of town and even though that meant taking both kids to the run I still wouldn't have missed it for anything.
This morning it wasn't pouring rain which was a blessing and not at the same time. I am used to running at night. It is much cooler and less humid here in Texas at night. So when the breeze stopped blowing several times during the race I started melting. I had planned to run walk the 5K pushing the jogging stroller which I haven't used since my son was 2 years old. At the last minute my son decided he wanted to walk with us so that meant not much jogging cause we were leaving him behind.
This year was much easier in the fact that I knew what to expect and where each mile was. Last year the race seemed to go on forever. Even pushing my daughter it felt so much better. Here is a quick shot of the mid part of the course that I took while stopping for a second to see how far back my son was.
We all finished the race. My son drank lots of water and rested up for the Kids 1K run.
My daughter fell asleep on the last 0.2 of the run and slept till her brother was on the last part of the 1K run just in time to cheer him on.
I was a little sweaty and red faced after the race but felt awesome!
I was so proud of my little man for walking the 5K and then turning around and running the 1K. He did so much better this year than last year!
Overall this is an awesome race for an awesome cause! I want to leave this post with two pics of my funny kids who I hugged extra close and tight today because they are here healthy and happy. Hug the ones you love! A great video of BIG LOVE!

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