Sunday, May 5, 2013

My First Mud Run

Each year my husband volunteers with his local Lions club and they put on a music festival. Last year for the first time they had a mud run at the event. It looked like so much fun but I was in no shape to run it. My son who was 6 at the time wanted to do it with me this year. So we talked about it and I started running. I did a couch to 5K last Fall so I could run a 5K for my birthday. I started another couch to 5K in the Spring to prepare for the mud run. As the run got closer I got more nervous. When it was time to sign up we realized that my son was too young to participate which was a big bummer however I didn't want to give up on doing the run for me or for him. So even though my Spring was crazy I signed up any way and found an AWESOME friend who would run it with me instead of my son. She hadn't done one before either. We were both nervous and neither knew what to expect. We had a great time running the race. I found I should have trained a little more for the off road type running. That was really hard when you are used to running on concrete and tracks. It was a very uneven course and a lot of it was on the side of a ditch so my legs were killing me. The part I was most worried about was climbing the hay bale. I made it! We didn't do half bad for our amount of training. It was fun and we even talked about doing it again next year and dressing up for it.
Have you done a mud run?
How did you train?
Did you wear a costume?
If so what did you wear?

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