Saturday, December 31, 2016

First Week of Couch to 5K Complete

Ending 2016 with finishing my first week of my Couch to 5K reboot. I was determined to get it in even though it rained all morning. So a very muggy, stuffy evening run it was (71degrees). Brought my son with me. He ran his mile at a fast clip while I plodded along to the instructions on my phone. 
A little post run pic-notice we are all smiles! 

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Reboot of Couch to 5K

Feeling sluggish lately and then I saw lots of posts of my last Couch to 5K and was inspired to give it another shot. Finished my first day yesterday. 
It was my slowest start yet but I am ok with that. At least I started...

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Karate - The Booty Kicking Begins

Now we are in to my third week in class. Warmup still killing me. Kicks, kicks and more kicks till I wanted to drop. After warmup we went right in to Kata practice. We finished learning it and how to perfect the 270 degree turn. I did better but still need a lot of work.
Then they let us loose on sparring. I have been blocking my sons moves for years so that part isn't as hard but being on the  offensive just doesn't feel as natural. Maybe it will get easier. I didn't do badly but I didn't do well either. Have to start somewhere right? 
Did I say I am sore? Cause if not I should have, I hurt all over.  This is my after karate sweaty, red, icky, man I worked hard face!

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Round 2 of Middle Age Karate

Last night was my second class as an adult white belt karate student. This class was harder than the first one. The warm up had me winded, sad to admit. I gave it my all though the whole way through. We learned a kata that we are supposed to perform at tournament in a few weeks and then again at the end of the term to rank up to the next belt. I will really have to work on it even though I helped my son learn it two sessions ago. It is much easier to teach and give pointers than to do yourself! In this class we also did some self defense moves that were pretty cool. Hope I never have to use any of that stuff.

Friday, June 24, 2016

Karate - My New Challenge

My son started karate at 5 years old. He loved it. He is now almost 11 and as tall as me. His height got him moved up from the Junior division to the Adult division this past year. Weekly when just sitting on my tush playing on my phone, reading a book or just watching the class I had the random scary thought what if I signed up for the class. What if instead of sitting here I actually did what they are all doing. Most if not all the newbies were around my son's age so that was a big mental obstacle. What if I actually have to sparr my son? What if everyone laughs at me? What if I just can't do it?
I made the mistake of saying to my son "What if I were to do karate?" I can't say what reaction I expected but not the excitement I got. He was over the moon that I might do it with much that he told his instructor, from there it was constant reminder from all that I needed to do it. Even though it was my idea I was not convinced. 
The second week into the new session and I was going to do it...I totally psyched myself out. I didn't do it but the Instructor had me try on a uniform, he wasn't giving up. I even tried to talk some of the other parents in to joining. I had two others moms that said they would try it the next week. 
The next week came and I was totally scared, nervous and excited all 
at once. One of my coworkers said he would come to watch, cheer me on and laugh. So glad he went because the two moms who talked about taking the class with me both not only backed out but didn't even stay to watch the class! My coworker tried it out with me though which made me feel so much better. He is about 15 years younger than me but it still eased my anxiety a bit. It was a fun first class. We both enjoyed it! My son loved having me in the class. It totally kicked my butt and helped me realize just how far out of shape I am but now I am doing something atleast once a week.
Planning to write more on my karate  journey! Thanks, Mel

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Couch to 5K Reload

Last year around this time I was doing my second round of couch to 5K until I got a stress fracture and ended up in a boot. Since being out of the boot I have run in spurts and spells. I am in need of a push out of my current rut so I am going to give the couch to 5K another run. This evening I started with week 1 Day 1. I finished two miles of run/walk in 30minutes. Nothing to write home about but I finished and can check it off! You have to start somewhere right? What did you do to get back in the swing of things? 
Here is the sunset while I was finishing up this evening. 

Monday, May 26, 2014

It's a Boot-iful Day in the Neighborhood!

So what is new in my hood? Well about a month ago now I started to have foot pain. Not awful foot pain but "Man something doesn't feel quite right" type of pain. I waited a week to see if it would go away or get worse. It did stayed. So I waited another week and finally found the time to get an x-ray. Verdict I have a stress fracture in my right foot. So 3-6 weeks in a boot for me.

First off I am not 100% sure what initially caused the foot pain however since my foot started bothering me it has been a target for my kids. They are forever stepping on it, landing on it, jumping on it, kicking it during karate practice, etc. I just can't seem to catch a break with that foot lately. 

I have now been in the boot for about two weeks. It is amazing how my foot doesn't hurt at all when I have the boot on. I must say though, that thing is HEAVY. I waddled before with my turned out feet but with the boot on it is so much more obvious. I am a sight to behold for sure. 

I am pretty bummed about the cut back in my walking and mileage etc. I can't wait to get the boot off and hopefully be as good as new. Cause there is nothing like watching people have fun and not being able to take part. Summer is pretty much here and I am ready to enjoy (well except for the heat)!